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Three Friends and a Bag of Gold Moral Story for 1st Year


Three Friends and a Bag of Gold Moral Story for 1st Year

In this post, you will find “Three Friends and a Bag of Gold Moral Story” for 1st Year. This story can be written under the title of, A Bag of Gold Story, Tit for Tat Story, Gree is a Curse Story, Evil Recoils on the head of the evil-doer story. You can prepare it here online. If you want more moral stories for the 1st year you should visit, Moral Stories.

A Bag of Gold Story for Class 11

Once there lived three friends in a certain village, they were living hand to mouth. They decided to try their luck in a city. They promised to stand by one another through thick and thin and set out on a journey to the city.

One day when they were passing through a thick forest, they found a bag full of golden coins on their way. Their joy knew no bounds. They decided to divide the coins equally among themselves. But, each wished to get all the coins himself. Greed made its way through their hearts. Now, they felt hungry. They sat down under a tree and sent one of them to buy some food from the nearest village. On the way to the village, he thought to kill his two companions and keep all the coins himself. He bought some poison and mixed it into the food of his other two friends. He returned to his friends full of sweet dreams.

The other two friends who had stayed in the forest were also very greedy. In the absence of the third, they made a plan to kill him and divide the golden coins equally between themselves. As the third friend returned, they fell upon him and put him to death. As they were hungry, they sat down to eat the poisoned food. Soon the poison worked and they also died on the spot, the coins remained undivided there. In this way, all the three fair-weather friends fell prey to greed and selfishness. This story of “Three Friends and a Bag of Gold” proves that greed is a curse.


  • Greed is a curse.
  • As You Sow, So shall you Reap.
  • He who Digs a Pit for others falls into it himself.
  • Evil Recoils On the Head of the Evil Doer.

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