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Honesty is The Best Policy Story in English – An Honest Woodcutter

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Honesty is The Best Policy Story in English for 1st-year students

This post contains Honesty is Best Policy Story in English for 1st-year students and students of other classes. The same story could be written under the title of Honesty Story, Story of An Honest Wood Cutter, Virtue is its own reward, Honesty is the Best Policy Story in English or The Woodcutter and his Axe. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. You can visit Moral Stories as well.

An Honest Woodcutter Story – Honesty is Best Policy Story

Many years ago, there lived a woodcutter in a village. Although he had was poor, had a strong faith in God and blessings of hard work. He earned his living by cutting and selling wood in the town. He used to work day in and day out to earn his bread and butter. He was contented with his lot. One day he was felling a tree growing on the steep bank of a river. Unfortunately, the axe slipped from his hands and fell into the depths of flowing water. The axe was the only source of earning his bread and butter. This unbearable loss was a bolt from the blue for him. As he did not know what to do, he started weeping bitterly.

Meanwhile, an angel happened to pass there. He saw the woodcutter weeping and praying to God. The angel was deeply moved by the miserable condition of the woodcutter. He approached the woodcutter and asked the reason for his misery. The woodcutter sobbed out the whole sad story. He requested the angel to help him as he was the sole breadwinner of his family. The angel felt sorry for the woodcutter and assured him of his help. The angel dived into the river in order to find out the lost axe. He appeared from the water with a gold axe in his hand. But the woodcutter refused to get it and sadly that it was not his ace.

Honesty is the best chapter in the book of wisdom.

angel dived into the water for the second time. Now he appeared with an axe that was made of silver. The poor woodcutter was still sad. He shook his head still harder and implored to find out own axe that was made of iron.

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

The third time the angel came out of the water with an iron axe in his hand. Beaming with joy, the woodcutter cried on the top of his voice, “this axe belongs to me”. He thanked the angel for helping him. The angel was greatly impressed by his honesty. He gave him all the three aces as a reward of his honesty.

Possible Morals:

  1. Honesty is the best policy.
  2. Virtue is its own reward.
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