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The Wolf and The Lamb Story with Moral in English


This post based on The Wolf and The Lamb Story with Moral for Students of Class 9 and 1st year. The same story could be written under the title, The Lamb and the Wolf Story, Any excuse is good enough for an evildoer story,  or Might is Right Story with Mora. This story is about a Wolf and a Lamb who were both drinking water from the same place. Wolf and Lamb Story is a well-known fable of Aesop. To know next read the full story hereunder in this post. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. You can visit Moral Stories as well.

The Lamb and The Wolf Long Moral Story in English | Wolf Lamb

“Might is right” is an oft-quoted proverb. It is often the law of jungle. A powerful man can torture the weak person without any case.

Once upon a time, a small lamb was drinking water on the bank of the stream. He was quite weak and thin. By chance, a powerful wolf came there. He was very dreadful to look at. He looked at the small lamb with pride and disgust. He also began to drink water from the upper side of the stream. The wolf thought of killing the lamb and eating it. He was very hungry at that time. He wanted to satisfy his hunger by eating him.

He thought of making some excuse to overpower him, He came to the lamb and asked him why he was making the water muddy. The lamb was very meek and gentle. He did not afford to have a quarrel with the powerful wolf.

He replied respectfully that he was not making the water muddy as it was flowing from his side.

The wolf became answerless. However, he made another lame excuse. He asked him why he had abused him last year. The lamb once again answered gently that he had not been born last year. He could not abuse him before his birth.

The wolf replied that it must be his elder brother who abused me. After saying this, the wolf attacked the lamb and tore him into pieces.

Possible Morals of this Wolf and Lamb Story:

  1. Might is right.
  2. Any excuse is good enough for an evildoer.
  3. Any Excuse will serve a wicked person.

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