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One Good Turn Deserves Another Story with Moral – Lion and the Slave


One Good Turn Deserves Another Story for 1st Year – Bedtime Stories

Here is Lion and the Slave Story with a Moral Lesson for Class 9 and Class 11. One Good Turn Deserves Another Story for 1st Year students is also a Good bedtime Moral Story. You can write the same story under the title, Do Good and Have Good Story, Virtue is its own reward story, One Good Turn Deserves Another story, Kindness Never Goes unrewarded Story, Act well and be regarded well Story. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. You can visit Moral Stories as well.

Short Story One Good Turn Deserves Another with Moral for Class 11

Once upon a time, there lived a Master. He was a leading figure of his locality. He was very cruel and brutal. He was notorious for the exploitation of his attendants and slaves.

In a certain year, he had a slave who was fairly submissive, obedient and dutiful. The Master, who was very strict, treated him harshly. The slave sick of his master and ran away.

When he was passing through a jungle, he heard a lion roaring. He was frightened so much that he could not run away. For the time being, he considered himself a very unlucky fellow. Still, he was thinking about some shelter when after a moment, he saw the lion standing before him. The lion had a thorn in his paw and was tricking it on the ground again and again. The slave became bold, went near the lion and pulled our thorn. The lion licked his hand and went his way.

After a few days, the slave was arrested. As he had committed a crime by running away, he was thrown before a hungry hon. As soon as the lion saw the slave; he lay down on the ground and began to lick his feet. It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in his jungle. The people were surprised to see this strange scene. They set the slave free. Naturally, it was the reward of his own kindness.


  1. Do Good and have Good.
  2. Virtue is its Own Reward.
  3. One good turn deserves another.
  4. Kindness never goes unrewarded.
  5. Act well and be regarded well.

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