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United We Stand, Divided We Fall Moral Story


United We Stand, Divided We Fall Moral Story for Students of Class 11

In this post, there is United We Stand, Divided We Fall Moral Story for Students of Class 11. You can write the same story if the title is Union is Strength Story, United We Stand, Divided we Fall story or A Farmer and His Son Story. The story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rizwan Yasin [M.PHL Eng]. For more moral stories you can Visit This Link.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Story for 1st Year Students

Once there was an old farmer. He had three sons who always quarrelled with one another. The old man was greatly worried to see this situation. He tried to settle their disputes by words but all in vain.

Unfortunately, the old farmer fell ill. He was on the verge of death. He wanted to make a last attempt to reconcile his sons. He sent for his sons. He asked them to bring some sticks and tie them in a bundle. Then, he asked his sons to break the bundle of sticks. All of them tried their Best to break the bundle but none of them succeeded.

Then the old farmer asked his sons to untie the bundle. He asked them to break the sticks and they broke the sticks easily. At this point, the old farmer addressed his sons that they would be strong and unconquerable like the bundle of sticks if united. Otherwise, they would be destroyed like the sticks. Saying this, the old farmer breathed his last.

The practical pieces of advice had a great impact on quarrelling sons. They promised to live in peace to enjoy the fruits of unity future. They forgot their differences and conquered the obstacle in the way of success with the force of unity. The family became wealthy, prosperous and happy very soon.

Moral: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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