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The Fox and The Goat Story in English With Moral


Short Story Fox and Goat Story in English Written With Moral for Students of Class 9, Class 11,

Here is The Fox and the Goat Story with Moral in English written for Students of different Classes. You can write the Same story on the subject The Goat and The Fox Story and Look before you Leap Story. This is a story about how a fox one day fell into a deep well and later on how that fox traps a goat. Here are two examples of fox and goat story, 1st one is short story and 2nd one is a long story. The 1st story has been taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad for students of Class 9 and 2nd story has been taken from English Grammar and Composition published by Azeem Publishers for Class 11. You can visit the Moral Stories category for more moral stories.

The Fox and The Goat Moral Story in English for F.A, FSC Students

Look before you leap is an oft-quoted proverb. It means that every one mist thing before doing any work. Once a fox happened to pass through the forest. It was med-night. There was darkness all around. On his way, he had to pass near the well. The well was not visible. The grass was growing high all around it. The fox fell into the well by chance. He repented over his mistake. He felt sorry for his to escape. At last a thirsty goat passed that way. She liked into the well. He saw the fox there. She asked the fox why he was there. The fox replied that he had come to drink water. It was very sweet in taste. The goat was thirsty. She jumped into the well. At that moment, the fox jumped over the goat’s back. The goat could not come out of the well. She requested the fox to help her in coming out of the well. The fox replied that she should have thought that before leapt into the well. Now drink cold water and enjoy yourself.

Possible Morals:

  • Look before you leap.

The Fox and the Goat Full Story in English with Moral for 1st Year – Long Story

There was a thirsty fox. He was moving here and there in search of water. He found some water in a well and jumped into it to quench his thirst. He drank water to his satisfaction. Then he tried to come out of the well. The sides of the well were too high for him. At last, he got tired and started thinking to get out of the well.

By chance, a goat passed by the well. She peeped into the well and asked the fox what he was doing there. He replied that he was drinking water. The fox also invited her to get in as the water was pure and cold. The goat jumped into the well, without thinking even for a moment. The clever fox was anxiously waiting for such an opportunity. He jumped on the back of the goat and jumped out of the well. The goat asked him how she could come out. The fox replied that she should have thought that before she leapt into the well.

The Fox and The Goat Story Moral:

  • Look Before You Leap.

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