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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story with Moral for Kids – Short Story


The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Moral Story for Kids

Here in this post, you will find The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story with Moral for Kids. This story is also important for students. They can write the same content under the title, The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Moral Story and Once a Liar, Always a Liar Story. This is a famous bedtime story which kids like to listen. This story is taken from the Notes of Sir Rana Attique from Farooqabad. There are some other Moral Stories and Short Stories available on this website. For more stories, you can visit the Moral Stories category.

Short Story The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story in English

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a village. He was sent out into the fields to look after the sheep.

Mind you take care of them and don’t let them stray”, said the villagers to him. And keep a good lookout for wolves. Don’t go far away and if you see a wolf coming near the sheep, short out Wolf as loudly as you can, and we will come at once to help you.”

“All right,” said the boy, “I will be careful.”

So every morning he drove his sheep out to the hillside and watched them all day. And when evening came, he drove them home again.

But after a few days, he got rather tired of his lonely life. Nothing happened and no wolves came. So one afternoon he said to himself: “These villagers have given me a very stupid job. I think I will play a trick on them, just for fun.”

So he got up and began shouting as loudly as he could, “Wolfe running with!

The people in the village heard him, on the at once they came running with sticks.

“Wolf! Wolf!” shouted the boy; and they ran faster, at last, they came up to him, out of breath.

“For some days the boy kept quiet. But he got restless again and said to himself wonder if they will come running again if I cry “Wolf” once more. It was such fun the last time.”

So once more he began shouting, “Wolf! Wolf!”

The villagers heard him. Some said, ‘that boy is up to his trick again.” But others said, “it may be true this time; and if there really is a wolf, we shall lose some of our sheep.”

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So they seized their sticks and ran out of the village to the sheep. “Where is the wolf? They cried as they came up. Said: “There is no Wolf. I only shouted in fun. And it was fun to see you all running as hard as you could!”

“You young rascal!” they said, “if you play a trick like that again, we will beat you instead of the wolf,”

“Nowhere!” said the boy laughing. It was fun to see you running up the hill as fast as you could.”

“We will teach you to play jokes,” shouted the angry me; and they seized the boy and gave him a good beating, and left him crying instead of laughing. A few days later a wolf really did come. When the boy saw it, he was very frightened and began shouting “Wolf! Help!” Help” as loudly as he could.

The villagers heard him, but they took no notice.

He is playing his tricks again, they said. We won’t be made fools for the third time. You can’t believe a boy after you have caught him lying twice.”

So no one went to his help and the wolf killed several sheep and frightened the boy nearly out of his wits.

The wolf also devoured the boy.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Moral:

  1. Once a Liar, always a Liar.
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