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FSC 1st Year Chemistry Notes All Chapters [PDF Download]


In this post, I am sharing the FSC 1st Year Chemistry Notes PDF for FSC Part 1 Students. Students of Class 11 can download these notes to prepare their 1st Chemistry Paper for their Annual examination. You should also visit 1st Year Notes PDF for All Subjects.

1st Year Chemistry Notes PDF Punjab Board

All 11 chapters are mentioned below with the download links to different sections of the chapter under it. Click on the link to which notes do you need. From ilmihub, you can download 1st Year Chemistry book PDF.

Basic Concepts – Chapter 1 Notes

Experimental Techniques in Chemistry – Chapter 2 Notes

Gases – Chapter 3 Notes

Liquids and Solids – Chapter 4 Notes

Atomic Structure – Chapter 5 Notes

Chemical Bonding – Chapter 6 Notes

Thermochemistry – Chapter 7 Notes

chemical Equilibrium – Chapter 8 Notes

Solutions – Chapter 9 Notes

Electrochemistry – Chapter 10 Notes

Reactions Kinetics – Chapter 11 Notes

Chemistry Notes for Class 11 PDF Free Download

I have previously shared a post based on online Chemistry Notes of Class 11 for the students of FSC part 1. However, I am sharing this post for those students who want to download 11th Class Chemistry Notes for 1st Year. From this post, students can download every chapter of Chemistry 1st year in PDF. I am sharing notes of all eleven chapters. Download the notes chapter-wise. I will suggest you do not download all the notes at once it will create a mess in your phone. Download one by one and prepare them.

You can download and print out all 1st-year Chemistry notes from this post. There are links shared under every post form which you can download the relevant file. There are 4 portions of notes for each chapter. You can download Comprehensive Notes along with Long Questions Answers, Short Questions and Answers, Solved Exercise and Numerical and Solved Multiple Choice Questions. Go through one by one and prepare. One more thing, remember to share these 1st Year Chemistry Notes PDF with your class fellows.

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