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FSC 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 5 MCQs Notes for Class 11


In this post, I am sharing FSC 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 5 MCQs for the Students of Class 11. The name of the 5th Chapter in the 1st Year Chemistry book is Atomic Structure. I am sharing this post for those students of FSC Part 1 who are searching for 11th Class Chemistry Chapter 5 Atomic Structure Solved MCQs PDF. The most amazing thing is that students can prepare and read these MCQs of chemistry 1st Year Chapter 4 with answers online and also can download PDF.

I have already shared chapter-wise Chemistry 1st Year notes for the students of FSC 1st Year. Besides this, I have shared Books of All subjects in PDF. Not only books but I am also trying to upload Notes of all books. The main thing is to maintain the quality of the content. I always try to publish good quality educational notes at ilmihub.

11th Class Chemistry Chapter 5 Atomic Structure Solved MCQs Notes PDF for FSC Part 1

Chemistry 1st Year Chapter 5 Solved Multiple Choice Questions

Q. Magnetic field affects the cathode rays was first showed by__________.

(A) J. Perrin
(B) Maxwell
(C) Newton
(D) Lyman

Q. Cathode rays can drive a small paddle wheel which shows that they:

(A) are visible
(B) Possess momentum
(C) do not possess momentum
(D) none of these

Q. The e/m value for positive rays is always smaller than those of:

(A) nucleus
(B) electrons
(C) neutrons
(D) protons

Q. The e/m value for positive rays is maximum for:

(A) oxygen
(B) nitrogen
(C) helium
(D) hydrogen

Q. In Rutherford’s experiment of scattering alpha particles on a piece of gold foil proved that:

(A) atom was solid
(B) atom had electrons
(C) atom had great empty spaces in it
(D) atom had neutrons

Q. Radius of the orbit of electron and velocity of the electron are:

(A) independent to each other
(B) directly proportional to each other
(C) inversely proportional to each other
(D) none of these

Q. When the spectra is studied in a magnetic field:

(A) Zeeman effect is observed
(B) Zeeman effect is not observed
(C) Compton effect is observed
(D) the photoelectric effect is observed

It’s not about FSC 1st year or any subjects, it’s about studying and preparing for the exam online. Things are being changed with time very fast. In the modern age, students can download any notes or can prepare them online by studying without downloading. 1st Year Chemistry MCQs with Answers Chapter 5 PDF Punjab Board or any other chapter’s MCQs if required can be searched on ilmihub. Students have the freedom to carry the notes with them on their mobile or laptop.

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