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FSC 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 Solved MCQs – Liquids and Solids


In this post, I am sharing FSC 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 MCQs With Answers for the Students FSC Part 1. The name of the Chapter is Liquids and Solides and it’s at No.4 in the Textbook of Class 11 Chemistry Punjab Board. If you don’t have the Textbook you can download it here. These MCQs of chemistry 1st Year Chapter 4 with answers are for the students of the Class 11 science group.

You can Download these Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 4 MCQs Notes in PDF. However, I have already shared chapter-wise Chemistry 1st Year notes for the students of FSC 1st Year. Besides this, I have shared Books of All subjects in PDF. Not only books but I am also trying to upload Notes of all books. The main thing is to maintain the quality of the content. I always try to publish good quality educational notes at ilmihub.

1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 MCQs with Answers

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How to Prepare FSC Part 1 Chemistry Chapter 4 Liquids and Solids Solved MCQs?

Q. The strongest type of intermolecular force present in C2H5OH is?

(A) ion-diple forces
(B) diple-diple forces
(C) London dispersion forces
(D) hydrogen bonding

Q. Molecules of hydrocarbons with large chain lengths experience:

(A) repulsive force
(B) strong attractive forces
(C) weaker attractive forces
(D) no attractive forces

Q. Exceptionally low acidic strength of HF is due to:

(A) the strong polar bond between H and F
(B) the smaller size of fluorine
(C) strong hydrogen bonding
(D) electronegativity of fluorine

Q. Evaporation of liquids cause:

(A) Cooling
(B) heating
(C) no changes in temperature
(D) Increase in the average K.E of molecules

Q. The nature of copper crystals is:

(A) molecular
(B) covalent
(C) metallic
(D) ionic

It’s not specifically about any chapter of any book. It’s about studying and preparing for the exam online. With the passage of time things has been digitalized. Students can download 1st Year Chemistry MCQs with Answers Chapter 4 or any other chapter. Now they have the freedom to carry the notes with them on their mobile or laptop.

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