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Liquids and Solids – 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 Notes for Class 11


I am sharing,1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 Notes PDF for FSC Part 1 students. Liquids and Solids is the 4th chapter in the 11th Class chemistry book. This post is especially for FSC students who have chosen science subjects and want to get good marks. Remember that students starting chapters of the book are always important. So, you should never forget to prepare 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 1 “Basic Concepts” Notes.

Chapter-wise notes of all the chapters of Chemistry 1st year are available at this link. However, if you want to get all the notes on science subjects, you should go here. You can read all the notes online and also can download the PDF.

Chemistry Class 11 Chapter 4 Long Questions and Comprehensive Notes

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This post contains only 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 4 Long Questions and Comprehensive Notes. Hereunder are the relevant notes.


The liquid is that physical state of matter in which molecules are held together by some forces to attraction, which keep them united.


Solids are those substances that are rigid, hard, have a definite shape and definite volume. The atoms, ions and molecules that means up a solid are closely packed. They are held together by strong cohesive forces. The constituent atoms, ions or molecules of solids cannot move at random. There exists well ordered arranged in solids.

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