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Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 2 MCQs for FSC 1st Year


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 2 MCQs with Answers PDF for FSC part 1. Experimental Techniquest is the name of the 2nd chapter in the Chemistry Class 11 Book. Students can download these Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 2 MCQs with Answers. However, I have shared already 1st Year Chemistry all chapters Notes PDF. These notes are from Azeem Academy Notes. Those students who need all subjects FSC First Year notes should visit this link.

Experimental Techniques – Chemistry Chapter 2 Class 11 MCQs with Answers PDF

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Some Additional Multiple Choice Questions

There are a total of 38 MCQs in the above PDF file. I have chosen randomly 5 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers from Chemistry Class 11 Chapter 2.

1. The liquid obtained after passing the mixture through filter paper is termed as:

(A) solid
(B) filtrate
(C) residue
(D) none of these

2. Which one of the following property is suitable for a good solvent:

(A) it should react chemically with solute
(B) it should be expensive
(C) it should dissolve impurities easily
(D) it should dissolve solute at a high temperature

3. The tip of the funnel should be along the beaker in order to avoid:

(A) splashing
(B) sampling
(C) leakage
(D) none of these

4. In fluted filter paper, the rate of filtration increases as compared to the cone-shaped filter paper because:

(A) it has a greater number of holding in it
(B) it has a greater surface area for filtration
(C) fluted filter paper has a greater pore size than shaped filter paper
(D) the thickness of the paper is more than cone-shaped filter paper

5. The most common laboratory example of solvent extraction is:

(A) alcohol extraction
(B) petrol extraction
(C) phenol extraction
(D) ether extraction

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