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FSC 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 7 Short Questions Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 7 Short Questions Notes PDF for the students of FSC part 1. 1st Year Chemistry Chapter 7 name is Thermochemistry. I am sharing this chapter’s Notes in 4 parts, Long Questions, Short Questions, Solved exercises & Solved MCQs. Students can download 1st Year Chemistry Thermochemistry Chapter Short Questions in PDF form from here. This 11th Chemistry Chapter 7 Notes PDF file consists of only 3 pages. These Chemistry Notes are for for all the boards working under Punjab Board like Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, DG Kahn Board, and Sahiwal Board.

11th Class Chemistry Chapter 7 Thermochemistry Additional Short Questions PDF Download

Q. Does spontaneous reactions are always exothermic in nature if not justify.

Ans. Our common experince shows that spontaneous processes proceed with a decrease in energy. We might expect, therefore, that spontaneous reactions are exothermic in nature. This is usually true, but not always. There are many endothermic reactions that proceed spontaneously although they absorb heat.

Q. Define internal energy of a system.

Ans. Internal Energy (E):

Substance exist in nature because they posses energy. A System containing some quantity of matter has definite amount of energy present in it. “The sum of all the possible kinds of energies (i.e., kinetic energy as well as potential energy) present in the particles of a system is called as internal energy of a system”. It is denoted by “E”. During a chemical reaction, the internal energy of a system is changed.

Q. Explain that burning of a candle is a spontaneous process.

Ans. The process that takes place on its own is called spontaneous process. A process will also called spontaneous, if it needs energy to start with, but once it is started, then it proceed on its own. A candle does not burn in air on its own, the burning of candle is initiated by a spark (from burning matchstick). Once it start burning, then the reaction proceed spontaneously to completion.

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