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Hidden Treasure Story with Moral in English for Students


Here is a story of The Farmer and His Sons. If you like Moral Stories, you will like The Hidden Treasure Story with Moral Lesson. This is a good bedtime story, as well as students, can prepare it as a lesson. This story is being posted here especially for the students. They should learn this as a practice. You can write the same story under the title, Short Story Hidden Treasure and The Farmer and His Lazy Sons. This story got a Moral that Idleness is a big curse.

Short Story Hidden Treasure with Moral | The Farmer and His Sons

An old farmer was on the verge of death. He was lying on the death bed. He was sick of life. His sons were lazy fellows. He called them and said, “There is a treasure hidden in our fields.  You dig the fields and discover it”. Saying this, the man left for heavenly abode.

His sons went to the fields and searched for the treasure. They dug the fields knee-deep but, to their utter despair, no treasure was found. Then the, sowed wheat in these fields. A rich harvest was reaped by them. They discussed this matter amongst themselves and felt worried as to where the treasure lay. The eldest son got an idea. He said, “Well all were idlers. Our late revered father wanted to teach us a lesson. He advised us to plough the fields and raise bumper crops. The crops were the hidden treasure according to our father. He taught us to do hard work. Hard work beings the treasure.

Moral:      Idleness is a big curse. 

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