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The Wind and The Sun Story with Moral Lesson


This post contains The Wind and The Sun Story in English for students and little kids. This story is also known as The North Wind and the Sun Story with Moral Lesson. This is a good story for students of different classes. This is not very important with the point of view of exams but they can learn it for practice. This Moral Story contains a moral “Pride hath a Fall”. Here are some other Moral Stories.

The North Wind and the Sun Story with Moral Lesson in English

Once there was a quarrel between the sun and the wind. Each boasted of its own power. Soon they saw a traveller going on the road. They decided to test their strength on him. It was agreed that whosoever would make the traveller take off his coat would be adjudged as the victor and stronger of the two. The wind tried her might first. As the wind blew, the traveller clasped his coat to his body because he was feeling cold.

Now it was the turn of the sun. The sun shone very brightly. In this scorching heat of the sun, the traveller began to feel restless. He was feeling very hot. So, he took off his coat, drank some water and sat under a shady tree for rest. Thus, the wind failed in making the traveller take off his coat but the sun succeeded.

Moral:     Pride hath a fall.

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