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The Dove and the Bee Story with Moral for Fsc


In this post, you will find The Dove and the Bee Story in English for the 1st Year of Fsc with Moral Lesson. The Bee and the Dove Story is a very good and important story for the students of Class 11. However, this is also a good Moral story for bedtimes. Students can prepare it for the exams. Parents can tell this story to their kids. The possible moral lessons for this story are A friend in need is a friend indeed, One good turn deserves another, Selfishness Leads to Destruction Story. Go here for more stories.

The Dove and the Bee Story in English with Moral for 1st Year

Once a bee was returning to its hive after day’s work. While flying, it felt into a lake. The bee was carried away by the fast current of the water. Soon a dove flew over the lake. The dove out of sheer generosity plucked a large leaf and threw it near the bee.  The bee climbed on the leaf, dried her wings and flew away to its hive thanking the kind dove for extending to her the timely help.

A few days later, the same dove was being aimed at by a hunter for shooting. The bee saw the cruel hunter aiming at the dove. The bee flew to the hunter and stung him on the hand. The hunter trembled, felt great pain and missed the mark. Thus, the life of the dove was saved. Both flew away as friends.

What is the Moral of the Story the ant and the Dove?

Here are the possible Moral Lessons for The Dove and the Ant Story

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  2. One good turn deserves another.
  3. Selfishness Leads to Destruction Story

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