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The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys Moral Story in English – Short Story


Here is “The Cap Seller and the Monkeys Story with Moral Lesson in English for students. This story is important for the students of different classes. However, the students of F.A, FSC, and Class 9 can prepare it for exams. But this story is for those parents who like to tell their kids moral stories. This story is about a cap-seller who was selling his caps and suddenly he met some monkeys. This story tells us a lesson that wisdom is better than strength or weapons of war.

The Monkeys and the Cap-Seller Story with Moral Lesson

Once, a cap-seller was going to a city to sell his caps. He had to pass through a forest on his way. Having felt tired, he sat down under the shade of a tree. He was lulled to sleep by a cool breeze. There were many monkeys on the branches of the tree. As the cap-seller was sleeping, the monkeys came down the tree, opened the bundle and climbed up the tree with caps on their head. When the cap-seller woke up, he found the bundle of caps missing.

He searched a lot for the bundle but all in vain. By chance, he looked up and saw the monkeys on the tree wearing caps. The cap-seller tried his best to recover caps from the monkeys. He knew that monkeys are imitative animals. He took of his cap and threw it on the ground in anger. The monkeys imitated by throwing their caps on the ground like the cap-seller. The cap-seller collected his caps and made his way for the city.

Moral Lesson:

Wisdom is better than weapons of war.

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