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A Foolish Milkmaid Story with Moral Lesson


This post contains “A Foolish Milkmaid Story with moral lesson” for students. Students of school and colleges can prepare this story for the exams. This story is not very famous but parents who like to tell moral stories to their kids can tell this story too. Students of F.A and FSC and Class 9 can learn this moral short story too. This story is about the daughter of a farmer who lived in a village. The story is as under and for more moral stories you can go here.

The Foolish Milkmaid

Once a farmer lived in a village. His wife was dead. He had a young daughter. The farmer used to milk the cows while his daughter used to carry milk to the town. One day she was going to the market. She carried the pitcher full of milk on her head. She starting building castles in the air. She said to herself, “By selling milk, I shall get five rupees. With this money, I shall by a cock and hen. The hen will lay eggs. From eggs, I shall get fowls. By selling them, I shall become rich. Then I shall buy a saree, powder, etc. I shall look like a queen in that dress. The headman of the village will like to marry me. But I shall move my head like this.” No sooner did she toss her head then the pitcher of milk fill down on the ground. The whole milk was spilled. She cried, but it was no use crying over spilt milk. All her hopes and aspirations dashed to the ground.

Moral lessons:     

  • Do not build castles in the air.
  • There is no use crying over spilt milk.

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