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The Slave and the Lion Story with Moral in English for 1st Year


Lion and Slave Short Story Sample for 1st Year Students – FSC Notes

This post contains The Slave and the Lion Story Sample with Moral in English Writing for the students of Class 11. So, the Students of 1st Year of FSC can prepare this story as the practice of their English Paper. I have shared Very Short Moral Stories for junior students as well. You can write the same story under the titles, Kindness never goes unrewarded story or One good turn deserves another story. This is also a very good bedtime story with moral for kids. For more moral stories you can visit This Link.

The Slave and the Lion Story with Moral in English for Class 11

A Greek king had many slaves to serve him. He treated them harshly. Thus, one slave ran away. He took refuge in a cave. Soon a lion appeared they crying with acute pain. The lion had a thorn in his right foot. The slave pulled out the thorn very boldly and the lion felt relieved of the pain. But after some time, the slave was again captured. It was ordered to throw him before a hungry lion. This was the punishment to the slave for feeling away.

A public show was arranged in the arena, which was encircled with a fence. At the proper time, the door of the cage was opened. The lion rushed out. He roared but licked the hand of the slave in sheer gratitude. The king was at a loss to know the reason for the lion’s strange behaviour toward the slave. The slave narrated the story. He told him how he had helped the lion and lived with it in the cave before he was captured and ordered to be feasted on by a hungry lion. The King, on hearing this story, was very much moved and set the slave and the lion free.

The Lion and the Slave Story Moral:

  • Kindness never goes unrewarded.
  • One good turn deserves another.

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