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Blind Horse and the Thief Short Story with Moral in English


Blind Horse and the Thief Story with Moral Lesson is here in English for Students. This is an inspirational short story for the Students of Class 9 and Class 11. They can read this story here as a part of their studies. Many people like bedtime stories for their kids. There are many Small moral stories available here. You can write the same story under the title Tit for Tat moral story and Evil Brings Evil Moral Story. For more Short Moral Stories, you can visit our section of Moral Stories.

Inspirational Short Story Blind Horse and the Thief in English Written for 1st Year

A villager came to a town on horseback. He tied the horse to a tree and went to a nearby shop to fetch a cup of tea. Suddenly, a thief appeared and finding that he was not noticed by anyone ran away with the horse. The villagers returned and when he found his horse missing, he raised a hue and cry.

On hearing the noise, the police appeared on the spot. The thief was noticed riding the horse. The villager gave the thief a chase. Very soon the people were able to get hold him. The thief was produced before the magistrate. The thief told the magistrate that the horse belonged to him.

The villagers threw a cloth on the head of the horse and asked the thief to tell as to which eye of the horse was blind.

The thief just guessed and told, “left eye”.

The villagers said that “It is now clear that the horse does not belong to you because the horse is not blind”.

So, the thief was again sent to jail and the horse was given to his owner.

Blind Horse Story Moral:    

  • Evil brings evil.
  • Tit for tat.

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