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The Hare and The Tortoise Story With Moral Lesson in English


The hare and the tortoise story in English with moral Lesson for class 11 students is here. Hare and the Tortoise Story for 1st year of FA or FSC is very important of all times. The same story could be written under the title, Hare and tortoise moral story, Tortoise and Hare story with moral, Pride hath a fall story with moral and Slowly and steady wins the race story with moral. This is a very good bedtime story as well. So, parents who like telling a story to their kids before going to beds can tell this story too. For more moral stories you can visit Moral Stories.

The Hare and The Tortoise Story for Class 11 in English- Moral Stories for 1st Year, F.A, FSC

Once upon a time, a tortoise was crawling slowly. Seeing his slow speed, a hare laughed at the tortoise. The tortoise got angry and challenged him to have a race. The hare simply laughed at the suggestion of the tortoise but accepted the challenge. A distant tree was chosen as the victory point. The race started. The hare ran very fast and soon disappeared. The tortoise went creeping and crawling slowly, but steadily. The tortoise covered the part of distance that the hare had covered with jumps. Thus, within a few moments, the hare got much ahead while the tortoise was still lagging behind and was invisible. The hare hit upon an idea and said, “Let me have a little rest. The tortoise is still far behind and when he reaches near, I shall again start running”. The hare enjoyed a sound nap. In the meantime, the tortoise with his slow speed reached near the hare and found that the hare was fast asleep. The tortoise went on crawling. The hare had a long sleep. When he woke up, he called the tortoise. But he saw the tortoise already well beyond the victory point. Thus, the tortoise won the race.

Hare and the Tortoise Story Moral:

  • Slow and Steady wins the Race.
  • Pride hath a fall.
  • Never be Proud.

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