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The Farmer and His Lazy Sons Story with Moral in English


A Wise Farmer and his Three Lazy Sons Moral Story in English for Class 9th & 10th, Class 11, 1st Year of ICS, F.A, FSC

The Farmer and His Lazy Sons Story with Moral Lesson in English Writing is here for the students of different classes. Students of Class 9 and Class 11 can prepare this story as a part of the course. Besides 1st year students, this is also a very good bedtime story. This story is specially posted here for Intermediate ICS, F.A & FSC Students. You can write the same story under the title, The Farmer and His sons Moral Story, Story on Hard Work with Moral, No Pain No Gain Story and God Help those who help themselves. The story has been taken from English Grammar & Composition Part-1 by Azeem Publishers. For more stories, you can visit Moral Stories in English also.

Short Story The Farmer and His Sons with Moral in English Written – Bedtime Stories

A long time ago there lived a farmer with his three sons in a village. The sons were strong and handsome ant that made them very proud. They were idlers and spent most of their time roaming about in the village. They considered it below their dignity to work in the fields with their father. The poor father did his utmost to impress upon them the necessity of hard work but to no avail. He was very heartbroken at their behaviour. “If they do not work”, he thought. It was such a terrible thought for him as he took to bed. His sons did their best to save his life but he did not improve. At last the doctor told them that he was on the brink of death.

Even on his deathbed, the old farmer was thinking about his sons. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He called all his sons and told them that he had buried all his wealth in his fields. But he did not tell them the exact location of the treasure and breathed his last. After his death, the sons went to the fields and began digging up the earth. They dug day in and out but found no treasure.

Disappointed, they thought that they should do something with the land and so they sowed their fields. That year they reaped a rich harvest and sold it in the market at a good price. One night when they were counting their earnings, one of the sons realized that it was the treasure their father had promised them. He shared it with the others. They wept and thanked their dead father who taught them the lesson “no pain, no gain.

Wise Farmer and His Sons Story Moral:

  • No Pain, No Gain.
  • God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.
  • Fortune favours the brave.
  • Despair is a sin.
  • Hard work never goes unrewarded.

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