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The Dove and the Bee Story with Moral in English


The Dove and Bee Story with Moral in English for FSC is now available here in this post. This is a very good story for you if you are looking to prepare short stories for exams. The Bee and the Dove short Story could be written under the Title, Do Good and Have Good Story and that is it’s moral as well. This is also a good bedtime moral story for little kids. There are many other Moral stories are available at Ilmihub which is an education website. For more stories like this, you can visit Moral Stories.

Short Story the Bee and the Dove with Moral for Fsc

A bee once fell into a pond. It was going to drown. A dove saw that the bee was dying. She plucked a large leaf. She dropped it into the water near the bee. The bee climbed into the leaf, dried its wings, and flew to its hive safe and sound. It was thanks to the dove for her kindness. It wished to do her a good return.

A few days later, the dove was sitting on the branch of a tree. A hunter was taking aim at her with his gun. The bee arrived at the nick of time. It saw the danger, the dove was in. at once it sat upon the hunter’s hand and stung. He moved his hand with pain and missed the aim. The dove flew away in safety thanking the bee.

The Dove and the Bee Story Moral:

The Moral of this story is “Do Good, Have Good”.

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