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A to Z Pair of Words with Urdu Meanings and Sentences for FSC


Pair of Words with Urdu Meanings and Use for the Students of F.A/FSC Part 1 – 1st Year English Notes

In this post, you will find Pair of Words with Urdu meanings and Sentences for Students. I am sharing this post for the students of FA / FSC Part 1. I am trying to share quality content for students on ilmihub from different famous academy notes. Pair of words are asked in the intermediate 1st Year exams. I have shared complete English Notes for 1st Year already. These notes contains Complete Book 1 and Book 3 notes. In book 1 notes, you will find Translation of Short Stories, Questions Answers and MCQs. This post belongs to the Book 1 English Notes of FA / FSC first year.

Pair of Words are not important for Class 11 or graduation. But, if you prepare them well they will be very supportive in PPSC and other competitive exams.

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Examples of Pair of Words and Homophones with Sentences and Urdu Meaning for Class 11

Hereunder, you will find 286 Pair of Words and Homophones with Urdu meanings and Sentences. I have separate them by English Letters A to Z. I am sure it is not possible for anyone to prepare all pair of words over night. So, you can note down all of them or visit again to prepare them all.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “A”

1. Accept (قبول کرنا) She has decided not to accept the job.

Except (سوائے) Everyone was present in the class except Ali.

2. Access (دسترس) He has no access to the director.

Excess (ضرورت سے زائد) Excess of Money makes people proud.

3. Advice (نصیحت) He gave me a good piece of advice.

Advise (نصیحت کرنا) Doctors advise me to take rest.

4. Add (اضافہ) Please add some sugar in the milk.

Aid (مدد) We should not rely on foreign aid.

5. Affect (اثر کرنا) Your opinion will not affect my decision.

Effect (اثر) Evaporation has a cooling effect.

6. Air (ہوا) Air is essential for life.

Heir (وارث) He is the only heir to this property.

7. Amity (دوستی) The amity between Pakistan and China is enviable.

Enmity (دشمنی) We should forget personal enmity.

8. Ascent (چڑہائی) The ascent of this hill is very steep

Assent (منظوری دینا) The principal did not assent to his application.

9. Aught (کوئی شے) Was there any aught for which he called me?

Ought (لازمی) We ought to refrain from smoking.

10. Adapt (مطابق بنانا) A wise man adapts himself to the circumstances.

Adopt (اختیار کرنا) He is going to adopt a child

Adept (ماہر) He is adept in painting.

11. Abstain (پرہیز کرنا) We should abstain from bad habits.

Refrain (باز رہنا) We should refrain from smoking.

12. Accede (متفق ہونا) Ali did not accede to my proposal.

Concede (درست تسلیم کرنا) Ahmad conceded that his work was not good.

Exceed (حد سے بڑھنا) We should not exceed our limits.

13. Admit (مان لینا) Always try to admit your fault.

Confess (اعتراف کرنا) He confessed his guilt.

14. Affection (محبت) She has great affection for her husband.

Affectation (بناوٹ) Aftab likes affectation in every matter.

15. Avocation (مشغلہ) Cooking is her avocation.

Vocation (پیشہ) He is a lawyer by vocation.

Vacation (تعطیلات) He went to Quetta in the winter vacation.

16. Adverse (نقصان دہ) Chemicals have adverse effects on the skin.

Averse (مخالف) He is averse to my ideas.

17. Addition (اضافہ) He is a good addition to the film industry.

Edition (کتاب کا ایڈیشن) The fourth edition of this book is ready.

18. Abject (شدید) He is facing abject poverty these days.

Object (مقصد) His object is to become a doctor.

19. Allowed (اجازت ہونا) Students are not allowed to use cell phones in the college.

Aloud (اونچی آواز میں)  He spoke aloud before his parents.

20. Altar (قربان گاہ) He took a sheep to the alter.

Alter (تبدیل کرنا) He never alters his plans.

21. Ail (تکلیف ہونا) What is ailing you?

Ale (ایک قسم کی شراب) He ordered a bottle of ale in the bar.

22. Artist (مصور) Sadiqain was a famous artist of our country.

Artiste (پیشہ ورگانے والا) Fateh Ali is a popular artiste of our country.

Artisan (دستکار) our country has great regard for artisans.

23. Alloy (بھرت) Brass I an alloy of copper and zinc.

Ally (اتحادی) He is a close ally and friend of the prime minister.

24. Angle (زاویہ) There are four angles in a square.

Angel (فرشتہ) Hazrat Jibrail (A.S) is an angel of Allah.

25. Alternate (ایک چھوڑ کر ایک) The principal visits our class on alternate days.

Alternative (متبادل) He chose the alternative path.

26. Amiable (خوش مزاج) Her amiable nature makes her lovable.

Amicable (دوستانہ) He has amicable relations with his family.

27. Among (زیادہ کے درمیان) He distributed some books among the children.

Between (دو کے درمیان) There is a big difference between these two cars.

28. Ancient (قدیم) He likes to visit ancient buildings.

Old (بوڑھا) The old man was sitting in the chair.

29. Allusion (حوالہ) Milton’s poetry is full of allusions.

Illusion (سراب) This life is an illusion.

30. Apposite (موزوں) You apposite remarks in the meeting pleased me.

Opposite (مخالف) He ran to the opposite direction.

31. Aural (سماعت سے متعلق) We use aural aids in the classrooms.

Oral (زبانی) I passed the oral test.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “B”

32. Bad (برا) Excess of everything is bad.

Bade (کہنا) He bade me good morning.

33. Bail (ضمانت) He was released on bail.

Bale (گانٹھ) Aslam sold one hundred bales of cotton.

34. Ballad (گیت) He always writes beautiful ballads for his country.

Ballet (رقص) I like Chinese ballet.

Ballot (خفیہ ووٹ) He was elected by ballot.

35. Baron (نواب) Baron is a social rank in England.

Barren (بنجر) Do not buy this barren land.

36. Base (بنیاد) Exercise is the base of good health.

Bass (مدہم دھن) She sings bass.

37. Beat (مارنا) Do not beat me.

Beet (چقندر) Beet is also used to make sugar.

38. Beech (ایک قسم کی لکڑی) This bench is made of beech wood.

Beach (ساحل سمندر) They went for a picnic on the beach.

39. Bare (ننگا) Do not go out bare-headed because it is hot outside.

Bear (ریچھ) I saw a bear in the zoo.

Beer (شراب) Beer is not good for health.

Bear (برداشت کرنا) We should bear criticism.

40. Boar (خنزیر/سور) I killed a wild boar yesterday.

Bore (بے مزہ کرنا) Why are you boring me?

41. Born (پیدا کرنا) Quaid-e-Azam was bron in Karachi.

Borne (برداشت کرنا) She has borne many hardships.

42. Bough (درخت کی شاخ) He is standing beneath a big bough.

Bow (کمان) I bought a bow and arrow.

43 Bridal (عروسی) She looked beautiful in her bridal dress.

Bridle (لگام) Hold the bridle of your horse.

44. Berth (ٹرین کی برتھ) She reserved a berth in Karachi Express.

Birth (پیدائش) I do not know his date of birth.

45. Brake (گاڑی کی بریک) The failure of brakes can be dangerous.

Break (توڑنا) I never break my promise.

46. Beside (نزدیک) There is a church beside my house.

Besides (کے علاوہ) Besides cooking, I also like baking.

47. Beneficent (مہربان) The manger was beneficent to his workers.

Beneficial (مفید) Vitamin A is beneficial for eye-sight.

48. Blame (نا جائز الزام لگانا) Do not blame him for your fault.

Accuse (الزام لگانا) He was accused of murder.

49. Blood (N) (خون) Hs blood group is A+.

Bleed (V) (خون بہنا) His leg was bleeding.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “C”

50. Calendar (کیلنڈر) I bought a calendar for this year.

Calender (ایک مشین) He was dismissed from the calender factory.

51. Canon (اصول) We should follow the canons of Islam.

Cannon (توپ) The cannon was firing on the battlefield.

52. Canvas (موٹا کپڑا) I like canvas shoes for the morning walk.

Canvass (ووٹ مانگنا) Candidates are canvassing these days.

53. Cast (پھینکنا) We should cast our votes.

Caste (ذات) He does not believe in caste and creed.

Cost (لاگت آنا) Courtesy costs nothing.

54. Cease (رک جانا یا روک دینا) He ordered his soldiers to ceasefire.

Seize (قبضہ کرنا) I tried to seize the pistol from him.

55. Ceiling (چھت کا اندرونی حصہ) There was a basket hanging with the ceiling.

Roof (چھت کا بیرونی حصہ) In summer, my father sleeps on the roof.

56. Cell (کوٹھری) The murderer was sent to the death cell.

Sell (بیچنا) We want to sell our car.

57. Cemetery (قبرستان) He was buried in the nearby cemetery.

Symmetry (توازن) The structure of this building has perfect symmetry.

58. Censor (کسی کتاب یا فلم کی پڑتال کرنا) The censor board did not pass the film.

Censure (سخت تنقید کرنا) His father censured him for his laziness.

59. Casual (اتفاقیہ، اچانک) He has to take casual leave on the death of his father.

Causal (وجوہاتی) There is a causal link between laziness and failure.

60. Ceremonial (رسمی) People wear ceremonial dresses on Eid.

Ceremonious (بالحاظ) She is very nice and ceremonious.

61. Check (پڑتال کرنا) Parents should have a strict check on their children.

Cheque (بینک کا چیک) I want to draw a cheque.

62. Childish (بچگانہ،احمقانہ) People dislike him because of his childish habits.

Childlike (معصومانہ) Man becomes childlike in the old age.

63. Chord (آلہ موسیقی) I touched the chord of the guitar.

Cord He tied his books with a piece of cord.

64. Cite (حوالہ دینا) He always cites from English Novels.

Site (جگہ) The principal visited the new site for the college.

Sight (نظر) Her eyesight is weak.

65. Coma (بے ہوشی کی حالت) He remained in coma for two months.

Comma (تحریر میں وقفے کی علامت) Comma is an important symbol of punctuation.

66. Command (حکم دینا) The officer commanded his soldiers to attack/

Commend (تعریف کرنا) He commended her beautiful voice.

67. Compare (موازنہ کرنا) He compared the two books carefully.

Compere (پروگرام کا میزبان) The compere conducted the slow excellently.

68. Cloth (کپڑا) I want to buy a piece of cloth

Clothe (کپڑا پہننا) He was clothed in black.

69. Compliment (سلام) He went me compliments.

Complement (مکمل کرنے والے) Husband and wife complement each other.

70. Comprehensible (قابل فہم) These notes are not comprehensible to me.

Comprehensive (جامع) These notes are comprehensive for average students.

71. Conscious (آگاہ) She is not conscious of my problems.

Conscience (ضمیر) We should have a clear conscience.

Conscientious (با ضمیر) I am a conscientious student.

72. Caution (احتیاط) He always drives with caution.

Cautious (محتاط) He played a cautious.

73. Continual (بار بار) His continual failure led him a success.

Continuous (مسلسل) Growth I a continuous process.

74. Climate (آب و ہوا) The climate of Murree is cold.

Weather (موسم ) The weather is sunny today.

75. Cue (اشارہ) Faisal gave him a cue to solve the riddle.

Queue (قطار) There was a long queue outside the bank.

76. Custom (رواج) Old customs have their own charm.

Habit (عادت) It is a bad habit to tease others.

77. Council (مجلس) Our college council is very active.

Counsel (مشورہ) The counsel of our teachers is vital

Consul (کسی دوسرے ملک میں سرکاری نمائندہ) The British consul invited us to dinner.

78. Confident (پر اعتماد) She was confident of her first position in the classes.

Confidant (محرم راز) Ali is my confidant.

79. Course (نصاب) We have a new course this year.

Coarse (کھردرا/خراب) I cannot wear coarse cloth.

80. Corporeal (مادی) Nature provides our corporeal needs.

Corporal (جسمانی) Corporal punishment is not allowed in our college.

81. Credible (قابل اعتماد) It was not a credible statement.

Credulous (کانوں کا کچا) Avoid telling your secrets to your credulous friends.

Creditable (قابل تعریف) The speech of the president was creditable.

82. Cool (خوشگوار ٹھنڈا) Search a cool place to take rest.

Cold (سرد) water is too cold to drink.

83. Clock (گھڑیال) I bought a new clock for my office.

Cloak (چغہ) He was wearing a black cloak.

84. Corpse (لاش) He saw a corpse on the bank of the river.

Corps (فوج کا دستہ) Asim serves the medical corps of Army.

85. Considerable (قابل زکر)The theft caused him a considerable shock.

Considerate (بالحاظ) Asif is very considerate towards his servants.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “D”

86. Dairy (ڈیری فارم) I like dairy products.

Diary (ڈائری) We should keep a diary daily.

87. Decent (پسندیدہ) She is a decent girl.

Descent (اترائی/انزال) The plane began its descent to the airport.

88. Descend (اترنا) The plane began to descend at last.

Dissent (مختلف رائے دینا) He dissented from the official statement.

89. Disburse (ادا کرنا) The accountant disbursed the salaries of the staff.

Disperse (پھیلانا) The Police dispersed the crowd.

90. Draft (مسودہ/خاکہ) Please prepare the draft of his speech.

Draught (تیز ہوا/گھونٹ) I took a draught of the syrup with difficulty.

Drought (خشک سالی) Africa is facing the worst drought.

91. Deceased (مردہ) The deceased was buried.

Diseased (بیمار) He uprooted the diseased plant.

92. Desirous (خواہشمند) I am desirous of helping the poor.

Desirable (پسندیدہ) It is desirable that we work hard.

93. Differ (اختلاف کرنا) Nobody differs with him in this matter.

Defer (ملتوی کرنا) The meeting was deferred to the next day.

94. Drop (قطرہ) There is no drop of water in the tap.

Droop (جھکنا/جھکانا) She drooped her eyelids and accepted the proposal.

95. Dose (دوا کی خوراک) Ali took a dose of medicine.

Doze (اونگھنا) The watchman was dozing.

96. Discover (دریافت کرنا) Columbus discovered America

Invent (ایجاد کرنا) Graham Bell invented the telephone.

97. Drown (جاندار کا ڈوبنا) Haseeb was drowned in the river.

Sink (بے جان کا ڈوبنا) The boat sank in the river.

98. Dear (پیارا) Ahmad is very dear to Ahsan.

Deer (ہرن)  He saw a deer in the zoo.

99. Deny (جھٹلانا) She denied her irresponsibility.

Refuse (انکار کرنا) Aftab refused to confess his guilt.

100. Dependant (کفالت کا محتاج) Mohsin is not dependant on his father.

Dependent (منحصر) Our picnic programme is dependent on weather.

101. Destiny (مقدار) Destiny has strong hold over us.

Destination (منزل مقصود) He reached his destination safely.

102. Die (مرنا) He died of cancer.

Dye (رنگنا) She dyed her shirt.

103. Dew (شبنم) Dew drops look like pearls.

Due (واجب الادا) I have some money due to him.

104. Dual (دوہرا) He has dual personality.

Duel (دو افراد کی لڑائی) He challenged me to a duel.

105. Device (آلہ) Calculator is a useful device.

Devise (سوچ کر تیار کرنا) He devised a new plan to test his abilities.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “E”

106. Economic (معاشی) The economic policy of Pakistan is not good.

Economical (با کفایت) We should adopt an economical lifestyle.

107. Enviable (قابل رشک) His education is enviable.

Envious (حاسد) We should not be envious of anybody.

108. Empire (بڑی ریاست) He has set up a business empire.

Umpire (کھیل میں ثالث) an umpire should be honest.

109. Essay (موضوع پر مضمون) Write an essay on the given topic.

Assay (مادے کا تجزیہ) The assay of this chemical proves that it is impure.

110. Elder (خاندان میں بڑا) My elder brother is an engineer.

Older (پرانا یا عمر میں بڑا) My car is older than that of yours.

111. Eligible (اہل) Aslam is not eligible for this project.

Illegible (نہ پڑھا جانے والا) His handwriting is illegible.

112. Eminent (نمایاں) Iqbal was an eminent poet.

Imminent (متوقع) The system is in imminent danger of collapse.

113. Emigrant (ملک سے باہرجانے والا) Emigrant is a person who leaves his country to live in another.

Immigrant (مہاجر) Immigrant is a person who has come to live permanently in a country that is not his own.

114. Empty (خالی) The mug is empty.

Vacant (غیر مقبوضہ) The house is vacant.

115. Envelop (لپٹنا) She enveloped the papers and threw them away.

Envelope (لفافہ) She gave me an envelope to post.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “F”

116. Facility (سہولت) They provide conveyance facility to the employees.

Felicity (خوشی) He did my work with great felicity.

117. Farther (زیادہ فاصلے پر) We cannot go farther because it’s dark now.

Further (مزید) There is no need of giving further explanation.

118. Fair (جائز) There should be a fair judicial system in Pakistan.

Fare (کرایہ) Asif paid the train fare.

119. Feet (پاؤں) His new shoes hurt his feet.

Feat (کرتب) The Joker performed an astonishing feat.

120. Fatal (خطرناک، مہلک) Typhoid is a fatal disease.

Fateful (بہت اہم) A new well in the village proved very fateful.

121. Flew (اُڑ گیا) The plane flew above the mountains.

Flu (زکام) He is suffering from flu these days.

112. Floor (فرش) The floor is made of marble tiles.

Flour (آٹا) Please buy a pack of cornflour.

123. Flea (چھوٹا کیڑا/پسو) My dog has fleas.

Flee (بھاگ جانا) He is trying to flee the country.

124. Foreword (پیش لفظ) He told about his early life in the foreword of his book.

Forward (آگے کی طرف) She moved forward to catch the ball.

125. Food (خوراک) We need food to live.

Feed (خوارک مہیا کرنا) The sparrow was feeding her young ones.

126. Forth (آگے/آئندہ) They set forth at dawn.

Fourth (چوتھا) he stood fourth in the examinations.

127. Foul (غلط) He is playing a foul game.

Fowl (پالتو پرندہ) He put the fowl in the cage.

128. Fetch (جا کر لانا) Fetch a bucket of water from the well.

Bring (لانا) Bring me a cup of tea.

129. Famous (مشہور) Mehdi Hassan is a famous singer.

Notorious (بدنام) He is a notorious politician.

130. Float (بے جان چیز کا تیرنا) Wood floats on water.

Swim (جاندار کا تیرنا) Ali does not know how to swim.

131. Faint (بے ہوش ہونا) she fainted from thirst.

Feign (بہانہ کرنا) He feigns madness.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “G”

132. Gait (چال) She walks with a beautiful gait.

Gate (بڑا دروازہ) This house has a brown gate.

133. Gambol (اچھلنا) The kids are gambolling about in the park.

Gamble (جوا کھیلنا) It is unlawful to gamble in Pakistan.

134. Goal (مقصد، منزل) We should work hard to achieve our goals.

Gaol (جیل) The prisoner was sent to gaol.

135. Genteel (شائستہ) She has genteel behaviour with everyone.

Gentle (شریفانہ) Ali is gentle in nature.

136. Glass (شیشہ) He broke a glass.

Gloss (چمک) This oil will give your hair a gloss.

137. Gilt (ایک دھات/چاندی) She gifted me gilt buttons on my birthday.

Guilt (قصور) His guilt was proved by the lawyer.

138. Gild (سنہرا کرنا) The golden light gilded the sea.

Guild (سنہرا کرنا) I am a member of the writer’s guild.

139. Graceful (باوقار) She has a graceful personality.

Gracious (مہربان) All is gracious to us.

140. Grate (انگیٹھی) Coals are burning in the grate.

Great (عظیم) Quaid-e-Azam was a great leader.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter  “H”

141. Hair (بال) She has long hair.

Hare (خرگوش) The tortoise defeated the hare in the race.

142. Hail (اولے پڑنا) It was hailing yesterday.

Hale (صحتمند) Ali is hale and hearty.

143. Hanged (بھانسی دینا) The killer will be hanged to death.

Hung (لٹکانا) He hung his shirt on the peg.

144. Heal (زخم کا بھرنا) Her wound took a long time to heal.

Heel (ایڑی) She likes to wear high heel shoes.

145. Hew (گرانا) A woodcutter hews down the trees.

Hue (رنگ) Her paintings have the beautiful hues of hills.

146. Higher (بلند تر) he went to Londen for higher education.

Hire (کرایہ پر) I hired a taxi from the airport.

147. Historical (تاریخی) I love to visit historical places.

Historic (یادگار) This is a historic moment of my life.

148. Honorary (اعزازی) He is the honorary member of the society.

Honorable (قابل احترام) Our teachers are honourable personalities.

149. Human (انسانی) The human body is very complicated.

Humane (نرم دلی پر مبنی) All the workers should be given humane treatment.

150. Heard (سننا) He heard the news of his failure.

Herd (ریوڑ) He owned a herd to cattle.

151. Hoard (ذخیرہ، خزانہ) It is always bad to hoard necessities for business.

Horde (گروہ) A horde of people came to watch the new movie.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “I & J”

152. Ideal (مثالی) he is an ideal student.

Idols (بت) The Hindus worship idols.

Idle (بیکار) Do not waste your time by sitting idle.

153. Illicit (ناجائز) We must avoid illicit business.

Elicit (اخذکرنا) I could not elicit any response from him.

154. Immoral (غیر اخلاقی) We should avoid immoral activities.

Immortal (غیرفانی) Nothing is immortal in this world.

155. Imaginary (فرضی) His doubts are imaginary.

Imaginative (تخیلاتی) Iqbal was an imaginative poet.

156. Imperial (شاہانہ) He belongs to an imperial family.

Imperious (مغرور) I dislike his imperious attitude.

157. Impossible (ناممکن) it is impossible for him to pass the examination.

Impassable (ناقابل گزر) The bridge was impassable.

158. Ingenious (انوکھا) he devised an ingenious plan to win the game.

Ingenuous (معقول) We should adopt an ingenuous behaviour.

159. Industrial (صنعتی) Industrial zones should be promoted in Pakistan.

Industrious (محنتی) An industrious student always works hard.

160. Judicial (عدالتی) A policeman has no judicial powers.

Judicious (عقلمندانہ) Her judicious remarks impressed him a lot.

161. Jealous (حسدکرنے والا) He is jealous of my success.

Envious (رشک میں مبتلا) All were envious of his luck.

162. Kettle (چائے کی کیتلی) She poured tea from the kettle.

Cattle (مویشی) I have a herd of cattle at my farm.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “L”

163. Later (بعد میں) He finished his work later than I.

Latter (موخرالزکر) The latter point is most important.

Letter (خط) She wrote a letter to her friend.

164. Lay (رکھنا) Lay this glass on the table.

Lie (لیٹنا) He was lying in his bed.

165. Liar (جھوٹا) Don’t say him a liar.

Lawyer (وکیل) Naseem Hassan Shah is a famous lawyer.

Layer (تہہ) There was a thick layer of dust on his face.

166. Loath (نا رضامند) He was loath to go with us.

Loathe (نفرت کرنا) Loathe a person who tells a lie.

167. Lath (لکڑی کی پٹی) A lath is used for supporting plaster.

Lathe (خراد مشین) He is repairing tools on the lathe.

168. Lightening (روشن کرنا) He was lightening a candle to remove darkness.

Lightning (آسمانی بجلی) There were flashes of lightning in the clouds.

Lighting (روشنی) I complained against the poor street lighting.

169. Lesser (مقدار میں کم) You need a lesser degree of work to pass.

Fewer (تعداد میں کم) There are fewer students who smoke.

170. Loot (لوٹنا) Many shops were looted during the last month.

Lute (آلہ موسیقی) I can play the lute.

171. Lose (کھودینا) Aslam lost his book in the college.

Loose (ڈھیلا) Loose shirts are not in fashion now.

Loss (نقصان) he suffered a huge loss in business

172. Lovely (دلکش) Aysha has lovely eyes.

Loveable (محبت کے قابل) her style is lovable.

173. Lion (شیر) She became frightened to see a lion.

Loin (پشت کا گوشت) My mother is cooking lamb’s loin.

174. Lesson (سبق) I always learn my lesson.

Lessen (کم کردینا) We should lessen our expenditures.

Pair of Words Starting with Letters “M / N & O”

175. Male (مرد) This room is only for males.

Mail (ڈاک) He mailed a letter to his mother

176. Main (بنیادی، بڑا) What is the main purpose of our life?

Mane (شیر کی گردن کے بال) The lion has a golden mane

177. Maize (مکئی) I like maize products.

Maze (بھول بھلیاں) This building is a maze of corridors.

178. Mantel (انگیٹھی کا چھجا) There was a beautiful clock on the mantel-piece.

Mantle (غلاف) Muree hills are covered with a mantle of snow in winter.

Mental (دماغی) She is suffering from mental exhaustion.

179. Marital (شادی کے متعلق) What is your marital status?

Martial (جنگجو) A good soldier always obeys martial discipline.

Marshal (فوج کا اعلیٰ افسر) He is a former air marshal of PAF.

180. Marry (شادی کرنا) She will not marry a poor man.

Merry (خوشی) Forget your past and be merry.

181. Mean (مطلب) What do you mean by saying this?

Means (ذرائع) Television is one of most effective means of communication.

Mien (انداز و اطوار) I am impressed by her mien.

182. Meat (گوشت) She does not eat meat.

Meet (ملنا) I will meet her tomorrow.

183. Metal (دھات) Metal Iron is a cheap metal.

Mettle (حوصلہ) This is the test of your mettle.

184. Medal (تمغہ) Asim won a gold Medal.

Meddle (بے جا مداخلت کرنا) He always meddles in my affairs.

185. Memorable (ناقابل فراموش) I cannot forget this memorable journey.

Memorial (یادگار) They built a war memorial in the centre of the city.

186. Momentary (عارضی) This problem is momentary.

Momentous (اہم) He took a momentous decision about his studies.

187. Masage (مالش) Massage makes us active.

Message (پیغام) I gave her an important message.

188. Miner (کان کن) A miner was lost in the mine.

Minor (نابالغ) A minor should not smoke.

189. Moat (خندق) The soldiers are digging a deep moat around the castle.

Mote (خاک کا ذرہ) The table was shining because it was just moteless.

190. Moral (اخلاقی) Parents provide us moral support.

Morale (اعتماد، جذبہ) You must keep your morale high.

191. Naughty (شرارتی) Saad is a naughty boy.

Knotty (الجھے ہوئے) These bundles of thread are knotty.

192. Oar (چپو) The sailor was rowing his boat with one oar.

Ore (چٹانی ذخیرہ) The workers were digging an ore.

193. Official (سرکاری) He is on official leave these days.

Officious (بے جا مداخلت کرنے والا) Officious people always irritate me.

194. Ordinance (فرمان) The ordinance was passed by the chairman.

Ordnance (اسلحے سے متعلق) These weapons are prepared in the ordnance factory.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “P”

195. Pair (جوڑا) Please work in pairs.

Pear (ناشپاتی) There is a big pear tree in my lawn.

Pare (چھیلنا) She pared the apple.

196. Palate (تالو) His palate was operated because he could not speak properly.

Pallet (عارضی بستر، چٹائی) He usually sleeps on the pallet during his journey.

Palette (رنگ لانے کے لیےلکڑی کا ٹکڑا) She always forgets to bring her palette while painting outside.

197. Patrol (گشت) Troops are patrolling the border.

Petrol (ایندھن، پٹرول) Petrol price has gone up.

198. Pattern (نمونہ) Explain the new paper pattern please.

Patron (سرپرست) Our principal is the patron of the college magazine.

199. Pedal (پاؤں سے دبانے والا آلہ) He pressed his foot on the brake pedal.

Peddle (پھیری لگا کر بیچنا) The salesman peddles brushes and combs by going door to door.

200. Politic (عقلمندانہ) It seems politic to say nothing on this issue.

Politics (سیاست) We should not take part in college politics.

201. Persecute (خوفزدہ کرنا) Terrorists are persecuting the public

Prosecute (مقدمہ کرنا) Smugglers will be prosecuted

202. Prescribe (تجویز کرنا) The doctor prescribed me some medicines.

Proscribe (پابندی لگانا) The government proscribed students unions.

203. Peace (امن) She is a peace-loving girl.

Piece (ٹکڑا) Please give me a piece of pizza.

204. Plain (ہموار) This is not a plain area.

Plan We (منصوبہ) acted upon his plan.

Plane (ہوائی جہاز) We went to Saudia by plane.

205. Popular (مشہور) Mirza Ghalib was a popular poet.

Populous (گنجان آباد) Karachi is a populous city.

Populace (عوام) He has the support of the local populace.

206. Pore (مسام، سوراخ) Every pore of his skin was sweating.

Pour (انڈیلنا) Please pour some tea into the cup.

207. Practice (N) (مشق) He needs a lot of practice before the match.

Practise (V) (مشق کرنا) She practises a lot before appearing on the stage.

208. Practical (عملی) Always try to be practical.

Practicable (قابل عمل) His ideas are not practicable.

209. Principal (پرنسپل، ہیڈ ماسٹر) The principal of our college is very generous.

Principle (اصول) You must follow a principle of life.

210. Profit (منافع) He got a huge profit this year.

Prophet (پیغمبر) Allah does not send prophets now.

211. Pail (بالٹی) She dropped a pail of water in the well.

Pale (زردل، پھیکا) She became ale to see a snake.

212. Pane (کھڑکی کا شیشہ) He hit the window pane.

Pain (درد) I have severe pain in my knee.

213. Peal (شور والی آواز) He pealed with enthusiasm.

Peel (چھیلنا) She does not know how to peel apples.

214. Pray (دعا مانگنا) I always pray for my parents.

Prey (شکار) The lion attacked its prey.

215. Proceed (آگے بڑھنا) I have to leave but you may proceed.

Precede (پہلے آنا) Kashmir Day precedes Pakistan Day.

Pair of Words Starting with Letters “Q & R”

216. Quiet (خاموش) Be quiet and continue your work.

Quite (بالکل) I am quite well.

217. Rain (بارش) It is about to rain.

Rein (لگام) He pulled the reins of his horse.

Reign (دور حکومت) Zia-ul-Haq’s reign lasted eleven years.

218. Raise (بلند کرنا) They raised the prices of their goods.

Rays (شعاعیں) Sun rays damage our skin.

Raze (تباہ کرنا) The building was razed to the ground.

219. Rest (آرام) I need some rest

Wrest (مسخ کرنا) Politicians wrest the law to suit themselves.

220. Right (درست) He is the right man for this job.

Rite (رسم) We love our customs and rites.

Write (لکھنا) I write stories.

221. Ring (بجنا) The bell is ringing.

Wring (نچوڑنا) She has wrung all the clothes.

222. Root (جڑ) The roots of this tree are very deep.

Rout (تباہ کرنا) Pakistan cricket team routed the Indians.

Route (راستہ) He adopted an easy route.

223. Road (سڑک) This road leads to Karachi.

Rode (سوار ہوا) He rode a horse and went away.

  1.  224.  (کردار) She played a negative role in the play.

Roll (فہرست) I could not answer my roll-call.

225. Respectable (قابل احترام) our parents are respectable for us

Respectful (مؤدب) He is a respectful student.

Pair of Words Starting with Letter “S”

226. Sail (سمنڈری سفر شروع کرنا) The boat was sailing in the

Sale (فروخت) I bought this shirt from the grand sale.

227. Sea (سمندر) They were playing at the sea-shore.

See (دیکھنا) She came to see me.

228. Stake (باڑھ کا ڈنڈا) A stake was pushed into the ground to mark the boundary.

Steak (گوشت کا پارچہ) The smell of beefsteaks is appetizing.

229. Sent (بھیجا) She sent him a gift.

Scent (خوشبو) This scent smells sweet.

230. Scene (نظارہ، منظر) We enjoyed the beautiful scene.

Seen (دیکھ لینا) I have never seen him before.

231. Sculptor (مجسمہ ساز) He is a good sculptor.

Sculpture (مجسمہ سازی) He collects modern sculpture.

232. Sew (سینا) She does not know how to sew a shirt.

Sow (بیج بونا) The farmer is sowing seeds in the field.

233. Sensible (معقول) He seems to be a sensible man.

Sensitive (حساس) Her skin is very sensitive.

  1. 234.  (منزل) This building has three storeys.

Story (کہانی) He had a long story to tell.

235. Stationary (ساکن) The sun is stationary.

Stationery (سٹیشنری) We went to buy some stationery for our office.

236. Sociable (ملنسار) We had a very sociable weekend.

Social ( معاشرتی) Join a social club to make new friends.

237. Sole (ہاؤں یا جوتے کا تلوا) The hot sand burnt the soles of their feet.

Soul (روح) There was a feeling of anxiety in her soul.

238. Sore (دکھتا ہوا) His feet were sore after the long walk.

Sour (تُرش) I don’t like sour fruit.

Soar (اونچا اڑنا) The birds are soaring in the air.

Sower (بیج ہونے والا) Sower sows seeds.

239. Sooth (سچائی) Sooth emerges at last.

Soothe (تسکین پہنچانا) The medicine soothed her to sleep.

240. Spacious (وسیع) We have a spacious lawn.

Specious (بظاہر خوش آئند) It is a specious argument in this tense situation.

241. Statue (مجسمہ) He acted as a statue in the play.

Statute (دوتور یا ضابطہ) We must abide by the college statutes.

242. Stimulant (متحرک) Facilities of loan proved stimulant for business.

Stimulus (ہیجان) His appreciation was a stimulus for me.

243. Straight (سیدھا) I will come straight to the point.

Strait (مصیبت) The factory is in dire straits.

244. Suspend (معطل کرنا) He was suspended from his job.

Suspense (بے یقینی) He finished the suspense by telling the truth.

245. Son (بیٹا) His son is a doctor.

Sun (سورج) The sun is shining.

246. Steal (چرانا) He stole my pen.

Steel (فولاد) I bought a steel chair for my office.

247. Sweat (پسینہ) Sweat was falling from his face.

Sweet (میٹھا) I bought some sweets for the children.

248. Soot (کالک کی تہہ) Soot made my clothes dirty.

Suit (لباس) She gifted me an imported suit.

Suite (کمروں کا مجموعہ) I reserved a suite in the hotel.

Pair of Words Starting with Letters “T & V”

249. Tale (کہانی) He told me an interesting tale.

Tail (دُم) My cat has a long tail.

250. Tamper (بدلنا) He tampered with the brakes of my car.

Temper (مزاج) She must learn to control her temper.

251. Temporary (عارضی) There are many temporary huts on this plot.

Temporal (دنیاوی) We should overcome temporal desires.

252. Team (ٹیم) A cricket team has eleven players.

Teem (بڑا ہوا ہونا) My brain teems with new ideas.

253. Tenor (رَوش) This work has completely changed the tenor of my life.

Tenure (عرصہ حکومت) The tenure of National Assembly is five years.

254. Tide (لہر) A huge tide struck the boat.

Tied (باندھنا) He tied his luggage with a piece of string.

255. Tire (تھکنا) He became tired after climbing a hill.

Tyre (پہیے کا ٹائر) I changed the tyre of my bike.

256. Trifle (معمولی) He sold his bike for a trifle.

Trivial (بے کیف) He hates the trivial round of daily life.

257. Union (اتحاد) Students are not allowed to form any union in the college.

Unity (یکجہتی) Our society lacks unity.

258. Urban (شہری) Urban life is quite different from rural life.

Urbane (مذہب) She is charming and urbane.

259. Vain (بےکار) He tried hard to convince his mother but all in vain.

Vein (رگ) We cannot count the total veins in a human body.

260. Vale (وادی) I want to visit every vale of Pakistan.

Veil (نقاب) The mountain tops were hidden beneath the veil of mist.

Wail (بین یا ماتم) The little boy was wailing miserably.

261. Verbal (زبانی یا لفظی) He has passed his verbal examination.

Verbose (لفاظی) Sometimes the verbose style of writing seems good.

262. Veracity (سچائی) Some people questioned the veracity of his adventure.

Voracity (شدید طلب) The patient has a voracity for medicine.

263. Venture (بے خوفی دکھانا) He did not venture to stop the killer.

Adventure (مہم جوئی) He is fond of adventures.

264. Venal (حرام خور) We should avoid venal officers.

Venial (کم سنگین) His venial mistakes can be forgiven.

265. Virtual (عملی طور پر) He is the virtual manager of the business.

Virtuous (نیک) He lived an entirely virtuous life.

266. Vice (برائی) Greed is a horrible vice.

Vice (نائب) He is the vice-chairman of this organization.

Voice (آواز) She has a beautiful voice.

Pair of Words Starting with Letters “W / Y & Z”

267. Waist (کمر) He always wears a waist belt.

Waste (ضائع کرنا) He wastes his time in playing cricket.

268. Wear (پہننا) He wears expensive dresses.

Ware (ایک ہی قسم کی چیزیں) He has opened a hardware shop.

269. Waive (ختم کرنا) The condition of age had been waived for this job.

Wave (لہر) A wave of horror ran through my blood.

270. Womanish (عورت کی مانند مرد) Do not be womanish. Behave manly.

Womanly (عورت کی طرح) His womanly behaviour irritates me a lot.

271. Wine (شراب) Wine is unlawful in Islam.

Vine (انگور کی بیل) The vine is full of grapes.

272. Way (راستہ) Hard work is a way to success.

Weight (V) (وزن کرنا) This bag weighs twenty kilograms.

273. Weight (N) (وزن) You are gaining weight gradually.

Wait (انتطار کرنا) Time waits for nobody.

274. Wages (مزدوری) Proper wages should be paid to the workers.

Salary (تنخواہ) He gets a very good salary.

275. Weak (کمزور) She is weak and pale.

Week (ہفتہ) He will go to see him next week.

276. Went (چلا گیا) He went to see his parents.

Vent  (جذبات کا اظہار کرنا) He vented his anger on his kids.

277. Weather (موسم) I am not going out in this weather.

Whether (آیا کہ) I don’t know whether he is in Lahore or Karachi.

278. Worse (بہت برا) The crisis is getting worse and worse.

Verse (شعر یا شاعری) There are ten verses of this poem.

279. Wreak (نقصان پہنچانا) Drugs has wreaked his health.

Wreck (تباہ کرنا ) The crops had been wrecked by the flood.

Reck (توجہ دینا) He is a reckless driver.

280. Wreath (گول ہار یا گلدستہ) The president laid a wreath at the war memorial.

Wreathe (کھیرنا) The mountain tops were wreathed in mist.

281. Willful (ضدی) A willful child never listens to others.

Willing (راضی) She is willing to study.

282. Wet (گیلا) Don’t go out in wet clothes.

Whet (تیز کرنا) The book will when your appetite for goods novels.

283. Won (جیتنا) Pakistan cricket team has won the world in 1992.

One (واحد) God is one.

284. Yoke (V) (جوتنا) Yoke a healthy ox to the plough.

Yolk (انڈے کی ذردی) Yolk is very useful for hair.

Yoke (N) (طلم و ستم) Yong people do not like the yoke of parental control.

285. Yew (گہرے سبز پتوں والا درخت) Yews are often planted near churches.

You (آپ) You are my favourite teacher.

Ewe (بھیڑ) He bought a white ewe to sacrifice on Eid-ul-Azha.

286. Zealot (انتہا پسند) Don’t be a zealot.

Zealous (پُرجوش) He is a zealous reformer.

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