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Readmission Application for College Students in English


This post is based on an Example Readmission Application for College Students in English. This application for readmission is very important for the students of Class 11. If you are a student of Class 9 or you want another application on the same topic, you can Click Here to see more examples. There are some other applications also available on our website. To get more English Applications you can visit Application Writing category.

Readmission Application for College Students of Class 11 – 1st Year

The Principal,
Govt. College,
A.B.C (City).

Venerable Sir,

It is stated that I am a student of intermediate part I in this college. My name has been struck off from the college roll because I have been absent from one month without any leave application. Actually, my father met a road accident in my native city and was admitted to a hospital. Therefore, I rushed on hearing the news. I got so worried that I couldn’t inform the college.

My dad remained in the intensive care unit for twenty days. Being the elder son, I had all the responsibility to look after him in the hospital. It was a very tense and hectic time for my family and I could not take out any moment to submit my leave application. Now my father is getting better. I have enclosed his medical reports.

Sir, I am a serious-minded student and have never been a cause of mischief or negligence in the past. I apologize for not informing you in time, but I hope that you would understand my situation. Therefore, I request you to re-admit my name on the college roll. I will be grateful for the favour.

April 15, 2019

Yours obediently,

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