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Medical Leave Application for Office Employee | 6 Examples


How To Write An Application For Medical Leave From Office?

Everybody gets sick time to time and takes leave from office for a specific period by sending leave request to his employer, manager or superior ranked officer. When you do not feel good and your doctor advises you to take a bed rest then its time to submit a medical or sick leave letter in your office. In this post, you will learn how to write an application for medical Leave for Office. Writing an application for Medical Rest is simple like writing other applications. But before you write an application, you must know the leave policy of your company in which you are employee. You should also mention the date of leave and for an effective request, you should attach bed rest prescribed by a doctor with his signature. At the end of the application tell about your work position and close the application with thank you a message.

Medical Leave Letter for Employee Samples

This post contains 6 examples of Leave Letters for Medical Reasons. I have shared a lot of content on this website for students but this post is especially for office employees. If you are a student, you should visit leave application for School. Here are a different type of application samples. You can change any of them as per your requirement in different situations. I have shared them as a proper leave request application but if you need to send an email. You can take the body of the application and use it in email. For more, you can visit English Application Writing.

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Sample Medical Emergency Letter to Your Office

Branch Manager,
Organisation Name,
Address, City Name.

Subject: Leave Application for Medical Treatment

Respected sir,

With due regards, this is to bring your notice that I am working as a production supervisor (write down your job rank) in your organization for the last 3 years. Yesterday, I have undergone a medical checkup by my family doctor who has diagnosed jaundice. He has prescribed me complete bed rest for 10 days. My medical reports are attached herewith for your reference. As soon as I feel good, I will resume my duties and complete my pending projects on time. Feel free to contact me if you need any sort of clarifications regarding the same.

It is, therefore, requested that 10 days leave on account of my medical situation may be granted to me from 10th December onward.

Thank You,

Yours sincerely,
Your Name:________
Phone No._________
Email: ___________

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Medical Leave Request Due to Severe Migraine

Branch Manager,
Organisation Name,
Address, City Name.

Subject: Letter for Medical Leave Requisition

Venerable Sir,

With high esteem and regard, it is stated that I am unable to attend the office as I am suffering from a severe attack of migraine. Doctor after complete checkup has prescribed me 03 days complete bed rest to soothe my nerves. I really understand my responsibilities being (write your job rank) and I am sorry to apply for leave during this rush of work. However, I have completed the report which I promised to deliver. Shortly, I will send you the same through email for your review.

I assure you after coming back from leave, I will put in extra efforts to complete my pending work. I shall be very grateful to you if you consider my request and grant me 3 days of medical leave from (write the date).

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name:________
Phone No._________
Email: ___________

Sample Medical Leave Request by a School Teacher to Principal

The Principal,
School Name,
School Address, City.

Dated: __________

Subject: Application for Leave on Medical Grounds

Dear Sir,

I am (Write your Name) teacher of (Write Class Name) in your school facing some medical issues for the last 3 months. On the advice of doctor, I already have taken 06 days casual leave in last month but not recovered yet from the sickness completely. During my last medical checkup on Sunday, the doctor again suggested me 03 days more bed rest. His prescription is attached herewith for your reference. Nature of my medical issue is private and I don’t want to explain in this application.

I request you to grant me 03 days more medical leave starting from (write date) as per the medical leave policy of our school.

I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,
Your Name:________
Phone No._________
Email: ___________

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Medical Leave Letter to Your Boss in English

Recipient Name,
Address City, State,

26 July 2013

Subject: Application to obtain Medical Rest

Dear Sir,

with the utmost respect, this is a formal request letter for my leave of absence that we discussed the day before yesterday. As I told you, I have been working without any break for over one year. Due to the load of work, I did not take even a single day off work during the past few months. This load of responsibilities and hard work has started taking a toll on my health.

The doctor has diagnosed that my problems are mainly stress-related and recommended me to take a family vacation at least for 1 week.

It is my humble request that 7 days leave may please be approved and permission be granted to me to leave work from December 11 to December 17. I have appended my medical reports with this letter. I understand the nature of my work and on resuming my duties, I will complete all my pending projects in time. Thank you very much in advance for your kind consideration.

Your Name,
Your Phone No.
Your Email Address.

Leave of Absence Letter for Medical Reasons Sample

Your city, Stae, Zip Cod,
Phone No._________
Email Address:______

Recipient Name
Job Tile,
Organization Name,

26 July 2013,

Dear (Recipient name here),

I am writing this letter to request you 10 days leave of absence on account of Medical reasons. As I have not been keeping good health for a long period, my doctor has recommended me to take a few days off work. He also advised me to visit any hill station for some days for the peace of mind and body.

If possible, I would like to leave work on December 11 and join my duties back on December 16. During this time period, you can contact me via email or phone. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name:________
Phone No._________
Email: ___________

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Medical leave application sample for Government Employee

The (head of the department)
Department Name,
City Name,

Dated: __________

Subject: Casual Leave application for Medical Treatment

Venerable Sir,

I may pen down must humbly that presently I am in (City or State Name here). I felt very sick on 3rd Dec upon which I went to the doctor who diagnosed me in detail and suggested some medicines. He also advised me 2 weeks complete bed rest and upon completion of rest on 17th Dec, the doctor has advised me to visit him for a checkup again. Medical advice is enclosed with this application.

Under present circumstances, the airline is not allowing me to board for travelling. Whatever the situation would be it will be informed accordingly. However, my Whats-app No. is open and I am in complete contact with my work team. Whereas, I am trying my level best to be fit asap and join my duties. For any further question or queries, I have given my contact details.

It is most humbly prayed that medical may please be accepted in lieu of absence which has started from 9th Dec.

Your’s most obediently,

Complete Name,
Mobile No.
Email Adress:

Address where you staying.

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