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Application for Marriage Leave to Principal | Application Examples


How to write an Application for Marriage Leave to Principal of Your College or School?

Here you can find an application for Brother Marriage. These are 4 examples to learn how to write an application for marriage leave for your brother’s wedding or cousin wedding. The 1st application is for Class 11 and 2nd is for Class 8. So it is Simple leave application for Marriage, School leave application for brother marriage sample for students of all classes. The 4th application is a specimen for parents about how they can write wedding leave applications for their children. You can also check Leave application for own wedding.

Now the question is how to write a Marriage Leave Application for the students? The answer to this question is very simple. All the method of this question is the same as writing other applications. The format is the same as other applications. You just need to change the inner material of the application. Here in this post, I have presented some samples on this topic. If you are a student you can prepare it as they are presented. However, If you are looking for a specimen, you can make changes in it as per your requirements. For more, visit Application Writing.

Specimens of Marriage Leave Application for Students

  • Leave Application for Brother Marriage for College Students
  • Specimen of Brother Marriage Leave Application –
  • Sample Leave Application for Cousin Marriage
  • Leave Application to attend Marriage Ceremony by Parents

Write a Leave Application for Brother Wedding to Principal of your college

The Principal,
Govt. College,

Subject: Application for leave on account of brother’s marriage.

Venerable Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I can not attend classes for a week because my brother’s marriage is taking place next week. He is my elder brother. It is an occasion of great pleasure. I want to enjoy this occasion completely. I wish to be at home on this happy occasion. All the members of my family are waiting for me impatiently. I may lend a helping hand to my parents. We have to complete preparations for the marriage. I want to help my father in buying some necessary items.

Hoping my request will be acceded to. Please grant me leave for one week (06.112019 to 11.11.2019). Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

Leave Application for My Sone is also Available Here.

2. Simple Leave Application for Marriage of Brother | Application for Wedding Leave to Principal of your school

The Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress,
Govt. Hight School


Most respectfully I beg to state that the marriage of my elder brother comes off on the 15th instant. I have to do a lot of work at home. Therefore, I cannot come to school for four days. Kindly grant me leave for four days from 14-02-2017 to 17-02-2017. I shall be very thankful to you for this favour.

Yours obediently,

Class 8 (B)
Date: 10 May 2015

3. Sample Leave Application for Cousin Marriage

The Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress,
Govt. Hight School
City ABC.

Subject:  Leave Application for Cousin Marriage

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is to bring to your kind notice that I need three days leave from 3 August 2019 to 5 August 2019, as my cousin’s marriage is going to be held. Kindly grant me leave for three days. I will highly be obliged. Thanks in anticipation.

Yours obediently,

Class 10 (A)
Date: 22 Aug 2019

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4. Leave Application to Attend Marriage Ceremony by Parents Example

The Principal,
Name of Your School,
Your City.

Subject:  Leave Application to Attend a Marriage Ceremony

Respected Sir/Madam,

With high esteem and regards, It is submitted that my son (Write the Name here) is a student of Class 8 in your school. He will be unable to attend the school for 4 days as we are going to our native place to attend a marriage ceremony of a relative. This is a much-awaited marriage in our relatives and the whole family is going to participate in it. We cannot leave (Name here) alone at home. I assure you, he will recover his course after coming back from this marriage ceremony by giving extra time to studies.

It is, therefore, requested that 04 days leave from 01.01.2020 to 04.01.2020 may please be granted to him and obliged.

Yours sincerely,
Your name,
F/O (Your Son’s Name)
Class –
Roll No.

The 2nd application example is taken from Hamdard Imtehani English Book for Class 8. You may also like an application for Fee Concession.

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