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First Year English The Rain Poem Notes PDF Download


11th Class English Book 3 Poem 1 The Rain Notes PDF

In this post, I am sharing The Rain Poem Notes for 1st Year Students. This poem has been taken from 11th Class English book 3. The Rain Poem is the 1st Poem in that book. In this post, I will share 4 types of Notes that students can read online and also can download in PDF. I have taken these notes from Kips Notes. Students can download the following notes in PDF format:

I have already shared 1st Year English Book 1 Notes for 11th Class students. As I have already mentioned above, this is the 1st poem, so this is the most Important poem with the point of view of the exams. Its Urdu translation has been posted only to understand the poem, otherwise, translation is not important. In Short Questions and Answers, you will find important Questions from this poem with answers. The Rain Solved Multiple Choice Questions are being posted as a quiz. However, you will find the download PDF button at the end of the post. Synonyms of The rain poem have also been posted as MCQs Quiz but you will get an opportunity to download them too. You should also visit English Notes for Class 11.

How to Download The Rain Poem Notes?

If you need any specific notes, you can click on that portion which I have mentioned above and you will reach the post of that specific part of this poem. However, if you want to download complete Notes, click on the download button below. On ilmihub, you will find all quality notes of 1st Year English Poems. You can see the pdf file information below the download button. The Rain Poem Notes in PDF format are being posted for FSC 1st Part students, who want to keep it on their smartphone or laptop. For other Notes, please visit 1st Year English Book 3 Notes.

PDF File Information

Poem Name: The Rain

Class: 11th Class

Book: 1st Year English Book 3 Play and Poetry

Board: Punjab Board

Pages: 07

File Size: less than 1MB


Here are some frequently asked questions about 1st Year English Book 3 The Rain Poem.

What is the theme of the poem The Rain?

The rain poem is beautiful poetry written by a great admirer of nature, W.H Davies. The poet describes his optimism in the poem. He says that the rich are giving the poor at least something for their livelihood. Still, they cannot free them from their worries and miseries. he is hoping for a day when every problem of the poor will be resolved and they become happy. it will be an ideal time for the poet.

What is the symbolic meaning of the poem the rain?

Symbolically, the poem can be studied as an optimistic thought. The leaves on the top of the tree are fully benefitting from the drops of the rain, the poet calls them rich. The leaves on the lower branches are receiving the drops one by one slowly so the poet calls them poor.

What is rain according to the first stanza?

In this stanza, the poet explains the charm of the sweet music produced by the falling of the drops of rain on the green leaves of the trees. It appears as if the leaves are drinking water so a gulping sound is to be heard. The leaves on the top, receiving the rich drops of the rain, shift their wetness to the leaves growing beneath slowly and gradually. Theis music is a source of happiness for those who are within its range.

What Does the Poet Hear?

The rain is falling on the leaves of the trees. These leaves are absorbing the drops of the rain and thus sweet music is being produced. The poet is enjoying this music.

What Happens When the Rain Stop and the Sun Come Out?

When the rain stops, the sun comes out fully. Then the shining rays of the sun make every dark, round drop bright and the whole atmosphere looks charming. The people come out to enjoy the beauty of this scene.

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