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1st Year English Ruba’iyat Poem Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year English Ruba’iyat Poem Notes PDF for the students of Class 11. This is the 12th Poem in the Intermediate Part 1 Book 3 syllabus. These rubaiyat are written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal. According to the poet, faith is the force of life. A strong faith in Allah Almighty leads us to success. Unity lies in the teachings of Islam. The Muslims should revive their faith and follow the dignified character of their ancestors. Hereunder, I am sharing the 11th English Rubaiyat poem Notes PDF file and you will find in this file:-

11th Class English Poem 12 Rubaiyat by Allama Muhammad Iqbal Complete Notes PDF Download

How to Download

If you are a student of Intermediate Part 1 and you are searching for 1st Year English Leisure Poem Notes PDF, you are at the right place. Here, on ilmihub, you will get two choices. You can read the notes online without downloading them, or you can download the PDF file on your mobile or computer by clicking the download PDF button. On the top of the post, I have shared the direct links to separate notes of this poem as well. You are suggested to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay connected and get updates.

PDF File Details

Notes : Ruba’iyat Poem

Poem : 12

Poet : Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Class : Intermediate Part 1

Book : English Textbook 3

Pages : 06

File Size : 01.06 MB

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