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1st Year English Chapter 1 Button Button Notes PDF Download


This post contains 11th Class English Chapter 1 Button Button Notes PDF for 1st Year Students. This is lesson 1 in the English textbook of FSC Part 1. This is the most important Chapter in English Book Punjab Textbook Board and the examiner will never ignore it. So, prepare it well to ensure specific marks in the Annual Exam. If you need 1st Year textbooks PDF, you can get almost all books at this link.

I have already shared Button Button Notes for Class 11 to read them Online. But today I am sharing these notes in PDF. Before downloading, you can see Button Button Questions and Answers Online. You can also try MCQs of this lesson here and Synonyms are also available.

Class 11 English Lesson 1 Button Button PDF Download Link

If you are searching for 1st Year English Chapter 1 Button Button Notes PDF, you are at the right place. Hereunder are the direct links to the notes of this lesson.

Button Button Translation (English to Urdu)

Button Button Questions and Answers

Button Button MCQs and Synonyms

Button Button Short Story First Year English Notes

Button Button is the 1st Short Story in the compulsory English syllabus textbook of 11th Class. There are 3 main characters in this short story. Norma, Arthur and Steward. Steward gives an offer to this middle-class couple to push a button in the box and offer them a big amount in reward. But he also told them that if they press the button resultantly, somebody in the world will die.

Norma was agreed but on the other hand Arthur, his husband did not agree with this. In the end, Norma Press the Button and she get to know through a phone call that his husband died in an accident. His life Insurance was the actual amount which she got. The story is about greed and what somebody gets in its reward. Keep visiting ilmihub.com for 1st Year Notes PDF all subjects.

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