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Button Button MCQs PDF Notes – 1st Year Chapter 1


This post contains 1st Year English Book 1 Chapter 1 Button Button MCQs Notes for Class 11 Students. This is lesson 1 in FSC Part 1 English Textbook. I am sure, the paper setter will never ignore this lesson while making the paper.

This is the 1st short story in Intermediate Part 1 English Book 1. The story is about 3 main characters and revolves around greed. Norma is the female character of this short story. Steward offered her that when she will press the button, someone in the world will die resultantly, to whom she did not know. She pressed the button and listen to the news of the death of his husband on the phone.

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If you are looking for Button Button Multiple Choice Questions Notes or Button Button synonyms notes, you are at the right place. You will get both things in a single file. At the bottom of this post online preview is available and above this preview, download options are also placed. In the single file, you will get Button Button MCQs PDF Notes and also Button Button Sysnonms PDF Notes. I have already posted 2 quizzes on ilmihub, their links are as below:

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