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PPSC Lecturer History (BS-17) Past Paper 2017 | Set 04


Previous PPSC Solved Paper for the Post of Lecturer History Held in 2017

Here is the final part of this quiz series, previous PPSC solved paper for the post of Lecturer History. This paper was held in 2017. I have taken these questions from a book and not sure about the originality but these are good for practice purpose. All the Multiple choice questions are with answers. However, if you find any mistake of spelling or answer, please tell us in the comment section. For practice you can visit PPSC Past Papers and if you want to see only Lecturer History Past Papers go here for the paper of the year 2015.

76. Founder of Jainism was:

(A) Shakyamuni
(B) Mahavira
(C) Parsva
(D) Rishabha

77. The first President of the USA was:

(A) John Adams
(B) Thomas Jefferson
(C) George Washington
(D) Abraham Lincoln

78. “Wales” is derived from an Anglo Saxo world “Wales”, meaning:

(A) Martial Race
(B) Serfs
(C) Foreigners
(D) Locals

79. Ireland joined the United Kingdom on January_____.

(A) 1801
(B) 1802
(C) 1803
(D) 1804

80. Pakistan’s First Five Years plan (1950-55) was presented in the Parliament by ___________.

(A) Liaquat Ali Khan
(B) Khwaja Nazimuddin
(C) Muhammad Ali Bogra
(D) Ch. Muhammad Ali

81. Who was the first American President to resign while in office?

(A) Theodore Roosevelt
(B) Bill Clinton
(C) Richard Nixon
(D) John Quincy Adams

82. The current capital of Kazakhstan is Astana, Name the former capital:

(A) Almaty
(B) Dushanbe
(C) Bishkek
(D) None of these

83. In Geography what do you understand by “Pangaea”?

(A) A Prehistoric Supercontinent
(B) Hills formed by Lava outflow
(C) Concentration of Sulpher in hot springs
(D) None of these

84. After the partition of Bengal, the capital of East Bengal and Assam was:

(A) Dhaka
(B) Calcutta
(C) Chittagong
(D) Sylhet

85. Which was the official language during the Muslim Rule in India?

(A) Urdu
(B) Turkish
(C) Persian
(D) Arabic

86. Which of the following is not an Olympic Sport?

(A) Squash
(B) Badminton
(C) Wrestling
(D) Fencing

87. The flag of which country is also known as the Union Jack?

(A) UK
(C) New Zealand
(D) Barbados

88. Boao Forum for Asia, which holds its annual conference at Boao Hainan Province, China, was originally proposed by former President Ramos of Philippines, former Prime Minister Monhiro Hosokawa of Japan and:

(A) Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke of Australia
(B) Former Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia
(C) Former President Hu Jin Tao of China
(D) Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz of Pakistan

89. Which one of the following is all example of Operating System?

(A) Microsoft Word
(B) Microsoft Excel
(C) Microsoft Access
(D) Microsoft Windows

90. By default on which page the Header or the Footer Is printed, in MS Word?

(A) On the first page
(B) On alternate page
(C) On every page
(D) None of these

91. Complete the number series: 15, 31, 63, 127, 255________.

(A) 513
(B) 511
(C) 523
(D) 517

92. Solve the equation: (1/4+5/8) + (4 12+3/4) =?

(A) 35/32
(B) 10/7
(C) 5/12
(D) 7/10

93. “To face the music” means:

(A) To be greeted rudely
(B) To be offered warm hospitality
(C) To be on the front seat in a concert
(D) To bear the consequences

94. What is the synonym of “Posthumous”?

(A) After the death
(B) Moisture
(C) Rich
(D) Rear

95. What is the antonym of “Meandering”?

(A) Sliding
(B) Straight
(C) Sloping
(D) Curved

96. Find the correctly spelt word.

(A) Dicotomy
(B) Dicotemy
(C) Dichotomy
(D) Dechotomy

97. To which fruit Is Plantain similar to?

(A) Grapefruit
(B) Apples
(C) Jackfruit
(D) Bananas

98. Exposure to sunlight results in the formation of __________ in the body.

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin D

For post length management, I have divided this past paper into 04 sets. Click on next or previous set to see MCQs.

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