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PPSC Past Paper Lecturer of History Mcqs Solved 2015 | Set 03


PPSC History Lecturer Solved Past Paper 2017

Here is PPSC Past Paper Lecturer of History MCQs Solved 2015. This is the 3rd part of this quiz which contains 25 Solved MCQs for practice purpose. I have taken this quiz from a book and not sure about the originality of questions. But in fact, this post is very good for those who want to practice MCQs. These solved Multiple Questions are not only for lecturer history post but also for other PPSC Papers. You may also like PPSC Past paper lecturer of history MCQs Solved 2017 which is available at this page.

51. Abdul Mutalib was Hashim’s:

(A) Brother
(B) Cousin
(C) Nephew
(D) Son

52. Hazrat Amina belonged to a famous tribe:

(A) Banu Makhzoom
(B) Banu Asad
(C) Banu Zahra
(D) Banu Ummayah

53. The first wife of the Holy Prophet was a:

(A) Housewife
(B) Business Woman
(C) Social Worker
(D) Poet

54. At the time of construction of Kaaba in 606 A.D Holy Prophet (PBUH) solved a dispute of:

(A) Trade Money
(B) Construction Wood
(C) Hajr-e-Aswad
(D) Building Design

55. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation in the cave of:

(A) Sor
(B) Hira
(C) Crystal
(D) Majlis al Jinn

56. The fundamental reason Quresh opposed the Holy Prophet was:

(A) Economic
(B) Governance
(C) Equality
(D) Tribal

57. Name the companion of the Prophet (PBUH), who’s entrance in Islam helped the Muslims to pray openly:

(A) Hazrat Hamza (R.A)
(B) Hazrat Umar (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Usman (R.A)
(D) Hazrat Abbas (R.A)

58. In the 10th Nabvi year Holy Prophet’s very near Uncle died:

(A) Hazrat Hamza
(B) Hazrat Abu Talib
(C) Hazrat Abbas
(D) Hazrat Zubair

59. Right after migration to Madina Prophet Muhammad signed an agreement known as:

(A) Medina Accord
(B) Hudebia Agreement
(C) Bait-e-Rizwan
(D) None of these

60. The first battle between Madina and Quresh of Mecca is known as:

(A) Gazwa-e-Khaiber
(B) Ghazwa-e-Khandaq
(C) Ghazwa-e-Badar
D) Ghazwa-e-Ohd

61. In the battle of Ohd the flag was given to:

(A) Hazrat Hamza
(B) Hazrat Zubair
(C) Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed
(D) Hazrat Masab bin Umair

62. In the Battle of Ditch the idea to dig around Medina was given by Hazrat:

(A) Salman Farsi
(B) Abu Ayub Ansari
(C) Hassan bin Sabit
(D) Ali bin Abu Talib

63. After exile from Medina the Jews of Banu Nazair gathered around:

(A) Hudaibia
(B) Habsha
(C) Mota
(D) Khaiber

64. Hudaibia was the name of a:

(A) River
(B) Well
(C) Cave
(D) Tree

65. Battle of Tabooq was an expedition against:

(A) Jews
(B) Quresh
(C) Rome
(D) Egypt

66. The Last Sermon (Khutba e Hajja-tul-Wida) was delivered in the Hijri year of:

(A) 7th
(B) 8th
(C) 9th
(D) 10th

67. Abu Bakar was elected as the first Caliph after a debate among different tribes at:

(A) Masjid e Nabvi
(B) Kaaba
(C) Saqifa Bani Saada
(D) Abu Bakar’s home

68. The first Caliph launched an operation against:

(A) Political opponents
(B) Ansari Tribes
(C) Zakat Refusals
(D) Qureshi Tribes

69. To maintain wartime discipline Caliph Urher took action against one of his military Generals:

(A) Abu Ubaida
(B) Saad bin Abi Waqas
(C) Abu Musa Ashri
(D) Khalid bin Waleed

70. After a lengthy political process Abdul Rehman bin Auf decided to make Hazrat Usman the 3rd Caliph because he agreed to follow Allah, Muhammad and:

(A) Abdul Rehman bin Auf
(B) Hadiths
(C) Quran
{D) Siddique and Umer

71. Abdullah bin Saba was newly converted from:

(A) Judaism
(B) Christianity
(C) Catholic
(D) Hindu

72. Hazrat Usman allowed a family to come back once sent to the exile by Holy Prophet:

(A) Ameer Muawia
(B) Hakam bin Aas
(C) Abdullah bin Amir
(D) Abdulla bin Abbas

73. ‘Renaissance’ a French word means:

(A) Attraction
(B) Interaction
(C) Birth
(D) Rebirth

74. Leonardo Da Vinci is best known for his famous painting:

(A) Mona Lisa
(B) Sistine Chapel
(C) The School of Athens
(D) The Nymph Galatea

75. The Prince a political treatise was written by:

(A) Ibn-e-Batoota
(B) Plato
(C) Aristotle
(D) Machiavelli

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