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O Where Are You Going? Poem Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing 1st Year English O Where are You Going Poem Notes PDF for the students of Class 11. I have started uploading PDF notes of all 1st year english poems. This is the 4th Poem from 11th English book 3. “O Where Are You Going?” is a beautiful poem by W. H. Auden which describes man’s journey of life. The poem is infact an imaginary dialogue between two opposite forces. The reader, fearer and horror are negative and destractive forces. However, the conclusion is that if we are courageous and ambitious, we can surpass the uncertain odds in life. Don’t for get to follow us on Facebook.

1st Year English Poem 4 O Where Are You Going by W. H. Auden Complete Notes

How To Download

I have uploaded this file on google drive. So, students can read it online and also can download. If you want to download it, just click the Download PDF button above and the file will be downloaded on your mobile device or laptop.

Notes : O Where Are You Going Poem

Pages: 7

File Size : 1.3 MB

Class : 1st Year

Book : English Textbook 3

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