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Importance of Computer Essay in English in 500 Words


In this post, I am sharing the Importance of Computer essay in English with Quotations for students. Especially students of Class 10 and Class 12. FSC 2nd Year students like to write quotations in their English Essays. I have already shared a long list of English Essays with Quotations. Whatever, you need a complete essay or only quotations, you must go through that list of English Essays.

It’s time to understand the importance of computer in our daily life. I can say, Essay on Computer in English is very important for the students from the point of view of exams. However, students can write the same essay under the title, essay on computer in English, Computer Essay in English, Essay on importance of computer in our life, Essay on the Importance of Computer in the Modern Society, Essay on Computer, Computer Essay, computer par essay, Essay about Computer, Essay on Importance of Computer, Importance of Computer Essay, Essay on Computer and Modern World, Computer and Society Essay, the computer essay, computer a blessing or curse essay and Essay on Computer with Quotations.

Write an Essay on Computer in English in 500 Words with Quotations

A slow, scattered in long distances and lacking in knowledge world past has largely been replaced by a fast, globalized village and informative world of computers. A computer is a device that can receive, process and store data. The Internet further adds extraordinary charms to computers for a modern man.

Currently, computer knowledge is common even among children. A man can get knowledge and entertainment through the computer. Knowledge becomes easier to be perceived by computers. Schools, colleges and universities are dependent on computers in the modern era. A computer is actually a fast human mind. As P.A Scott says,

“The similarities between humans and computers are more numerous than the differences.”

When man’s mind attaches to a computer, it commits numerous mistakes in lesser time and improves faster than in day to day experimental life. As man seeks through mistakes, it socializes modern man even in busy life through social websites and programmes. Society is fast and to shake hands with fast society one needs a fast hand of the computer. As Bill Gates says,

“Computer was born to solve the problems that did not exist before.”

The computer is indeed a backbone of modern society and citizens at present. Education, business, government institutes and officials, private organizations, hospitals, religious growth and traffic organization all work through computers. The computer has penetrated deeply in every walk of life. Libraries are being run through computer systems. Computer interconnects men, organizations and countries through the internet. None and nothing is far even at a distance of thousands of miles contrary to the past. The process of inventions in every field has also become faster than ever before. Thousands of inventions are made in a short span of time. The computer is a time and labour saving machine.

Computers matter for business, economy, education and growth of a country to such an extent that everything seems to be lame without them. International trade is being developed and organized through computers. Technology also improves fast with the help of computers. Scientists, engineers, doctors and almost all professionals get great help from computers. Man relies mostly on computers in every work. Seth Lloyd describes it as:

“When it comes to their capacity to screw things up, computers are becoming more human every day.”

Computers are now essential for youth these days. These are the need of youngsters and the happiness of children.

Man can either use a computer for betterment or for the destruction of mankind. But it is not the computer rather it is the man that causes harm using a genius work of computer for evil purposes. As a sword can either be used to cut a cruel or to cut an innocent. To construe we may say that computer meets the requirements of modernity. It seems as modern man has a revolutionary mind in form of computer and this mind is so much useful that it has become a crying need of every individual and society.

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