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Essay On my Hobby with Quotations


In this post, I am sharing 04 samples of An English Essay on my Hobby with Quotations for the students of Class 10 and Class 12. This is a very famous and important essay from the point of view of examinations of FSC 2nd Year and Graduation. There is also one more Short Essay containing 200+ words at the end of this essay on My Favourite Hobby Gardening for weak students. Here, you can browse some more English Essays.

Students can write the same essay under the title Essay on My Hobby, Essay on My Passtime, Essay on My Liesure time and Essay on my Favourite Hobby. Being students of FSC part 2, you should also visit Essays with Quotations and English Essay Quotations.

My Hobby Essay with Quotations for FSC 2nd Year – 500+ Words

“Hobby is an activity that you do for please when you are not working.” (Oxford Dictionary)

A hobby is a recreation which brings about personal pleasure and amusement. it is some interesting pursuit which we adopt as an occupation for our free time. It enables a man to find some soothing work which can relax his mind and soul.

In the present era, a man has to work hard for his survival. He has to put his maximum efforts to face the challenges of life. This physical and mental work not only tires him but also damages his talent. He certainly needs some pleasant activity to lessen this burden of boredom. He should have some free time and favourite activity to ease his troubled feelings. This sort of mental entertainment is called a hobby.

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” (Phyllis McGinley)

Different people surely have different hobbies. in other words, there are as many hobbies as men. Book reading, gardening, stamp collecting, painting, Swimming, fishing, cooking, photography and many more are adopted by various people in the world. Everyone adopts a hobby according to his own temperament, taste and interest.

Lord Salisbury’s hobby was to work in the chemical laboratory. The painting was the hobby of Sir Winston Churchill whereas Bernard Shaw was fond of growing vegetables in his garden. So various people take up different hobbies only because they have some special interest in that particular thing. Otherwise, the hobby does not provide any material benefit.

“A hobby is hard work you wouldn’t do for a living.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Though there are different things I like to do during my free time but the thing that attracts all of my attention is gardening. This hobby of mine is an ultimate source of pleasure and Joy for me.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,
Its loveliness increases; it will never,
Pass into nothingness.”
(John Keats)

l have made a beautiful garden in the lawn attached to my home. I have grown lush green grass there, vegetables, flowers and trees of different kinds. The fresh look of this garden provides me with fantastic pleasure and peace of mind. The sweet fragrance of these flowers gives me real delight. The wholesome of my garden provides freshness, health and happiness. It is surely a great source of aesthetic pleasure.

“I will be the gladdest thing
under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
and not pick one.”
(Edna St. Vincent)

In my garden, there are plenty of flowers lending a beautiful fragrance to the atmosphere. Vegetables have also been sown and reaped from time to time. Anyone who visits my garden cannot help praising it. Whenever l get free time I prefer to stay in my garden, which gives me not only pleasure but also wisdom and knowledge. The time passed in my garden really becomes sensational and rational.

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.” (Robert Brault)

This hobby of mine also makes me thoughtful. These plants and flowers seem to have some relevance to human life. These flowers tell us that beauty is short-lived and so is human life. I have come to know that it costs us nothing to beautify the place where we live. If we spend little time to grow plums and flowers. we can make our towns and cities beautiful to wipe away ugliness and pollution from our country.

A sensitive plant in I garden grew,
And the young winds fed it with silver dew,
And it opened its fan-like leaves to the light,
and closed them beneath the kisses of night.”
(Percy Bysshe Shelley)

2. Essay on My Favourite Hobby with Quotes for Class 12 – 400+ Words

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” (Phyllis McGinley)

Today, man lives in a world where struggle and effort is necessary for survival. He has to toil from dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted and enervated after the whole day’s work. The daily routine life rusts his talent and efficiency.

The hobby is an activity that a person does for pleasure in his leisure time. Time hangs heavy on our shoulders when we do not have anything special to do in our spare time. So, different people have different pastimes. The activity that I do regularly for enjoyment in my spare time is gardening and I love my hobby. Life without a hobby is like food without salt.

I love and like beauty in all forms and flowers symbolize both love and beauty. I have grown different kinds of flowers. These flowers give a fragrant welcome to my guests who have a feeling of freshness as they enter my house. These flowers keep me close to nature. They keep me from the impurities of heart and soul. They enrich my inner self. My hobby saves me from the tedium of life and serves as an oasis in the vast wilderness of life.

“It’s the safety valve of middle life and the solace of age. (Mary Roberts)

These flowers that I have grown in my lawn are a source of catharsis for me as well. Whenever I am cast down, I come to my “living” friends and share my sorrows and sufferings. They listen to me quietly and keep my secrets to themselves. This is a fact that these living organisms listen and respond but we cannot match their frequency. So, in their company, I do not feel the communication gap.

My hobby is a healthy activity. In this polluted age of ours, we are suffocating to death. My hobby, gardening, gives me a feeling of pleasure and freshness. I spend a few rupees on the seeds and saplings and give them rich soil and plenty of water. I do my best to keep them protected, and my whole house becomes fragrant with their sweet smell. I look after my flowers as parents take care of their young kids.

Plants and flowers also have some relevance to human life. These flowers tell us that beauty is short-lived, and so is human life. I have come to know that it costs us nothing to beautify the place where we live. If we spend a little money and time to grow plants and flowers, we can make our town and cities beautiful. We can wipe away the ugliness and pollution from our country.

Last but not least, it is worth pointing out that we should never ride a hobby too hard. We should not make a toil of pleasure. In other words, we should not indulge in a hobby to such an extent as to convert it into a dull and cheerless task. A hobby should be regarded just as a mental recreation.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty___ that’s all.

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” (John Keats)

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3. My Hobby Essay or Importance of Hobbies – 300+ Words

Hobbies have a great importance in human life. In fact, hobby is a personal occupation in spare time. It is done in isolation than in company. It varies from person to person. It is done for the sake of joy and rest.

It (hobby) is according to the individual taste, temperament and resources. It is and alternative occupation of the person who does brain-work. In this respect, Sir Winston Churchill has rightly said:

‘’A hobby is an Alternative mental interest.

There can be numerous hobbies. My hobby is stamp-collecting. I am always ambitious to collect new and old stamps of my own country and of various other countries. My father, who works in a big organization, also brings me the stamps of various countries.

I hate idleness. I always try to keep myself busy in my spare time. Some years back, I adopted the hobby of gardening, but I could not stick to it. I have, therefore, started the hobby of stamp-collecting.

Stamp-collecting is considered a royal hobby. It is a very expensive hobby. My pocket-money is not enough to meet the expenses of all the new stamps, which I want to collect. My father, who likes my hobby of stamp-collecting, gives me rupees there hundred a month to buy the new stamps.

I have very nice stamp-albums. I feel p[ride in showing them to my visitors guests and friends. I have pen-friends all over the world. I exchange the stamps with them. Every stamp has a tale to tell me about a country and its people. There are also the pictures of kings, rulers and great men. There are also the pictures of the beautiful scenes of Nature. These beautiful pictures are really a great source of inspiration to me.

This hobby has helped me in making pen-friends from other countries. It has added to my knowledge about various countries and nations. I have so far collected thousands of stamps of various countries. This hobby has provided me with a joy forever. Some of my friends are of the view-point that I am wasting my time. In fact, they are unaware that hobbies are also an inevitable part of education.

To conclude, a hobby is adopted for the sake of spending the spare time, deriving joy and taking rest. I am satisfied with my hobby, because it suits my taste, temperament and resources. It has really increased my knowledge about various countries and nations. It is really an interesting activity. We cannot deny the importance of hobbies in human life.

4. Short Essay on My Favourite Hobby for 10th Class – 200 Words

Hobby is something that we do merely for joy. This is the world of struggle and effort. The man has to work the whole day. He needs some lovely activity to reduce his boredom. These activities are called hobbies. My hobby is gardening. It is a source of joy and pleasure for me.

I live in a big city. Life is very busy and noisy here. I have made a lawn and a garden at my house. In the garden, there are many kinds of trees. Many kinds of flowers bloom there. These flowers are of many colours. They present a beautiful sight. Green trees, grassy lawn, flowers of various colours add to the beauty of my house. A Fountain plays in the middle of the garden. When it sprinkles its shower, it looks even more charming. The clean grass of the lawn also looks wonderful. In the morning, I walk on the grass wet with due drops.

I daily devote some time to my garden. I dig the beds of flowers. I trim the grass and apply manure to the plants. Sometimes, I spray the plants. I also prune the roses plants. I love to work and sit in my garden and law. In short, my garden is a source of joy for me.

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