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Essay on Computer with Quotations in English


Computer Essay for Examination

Here is an example of an Essay on Computer with quotations in English for the students of FSC. Students of Class 12 can prepare it with quotes and without online. However, students of B.A. must include the Outline in this essay. The computer is an invention which has changed the ways of thinking of a man. There is a list of Advantages of Computer but there are some Disadvantages of the computer as well. Students of different classes can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Computer, computer essay in English, essay on importance of computer, uses of computer essay, Advantages and Disadvantages of computer essay. For more essays with quotes, you can visit this link.

Essay on Computer with Outline and Quotations


  1. A remarkable invention of the modern age.
  2. A computer is an electronic device.
  3. The evolutionary process of computers.
  4. Computers are being used in every field.
  5. he world will be an orphan without the computer.

The computer is a remarkable invention of the modern age of science. It has broadened the mental horizon of man and revolutionized all the field of life. The impossible tasks are now possible due to the efficiency and perfection of computer technology. The world has become a global village and information has spread all over the world through internet.

“I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.” — Isaac Asimov

A computer is an electronic device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operation according to instructions. The word computer has been derived from the word “compute” which means “to count”. A computer is composed of “ hardware” and software”.Hardware means the physical parts of computer and software means the computer programmes that control the functioning of the hardware and directs its operation.

Computers were not invented over-night. It was an evolutionary process of centuries. In the beginning, computers were large in size. They were slow and their price was very high. With the passage of time, a great development has been done in the field of computer. Now, computers are smart, fast and cheap.

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.” — Bill Gates

Computers are being used for the exploration and extraction of all the possible benefits in the fields of medicine, education, business, banking, construction, communication, entertainment, research-work and science. New heights of delights are being felt and found in the exploration of new knowledge in every field of life. A computer has become a multipurpose device. It is playing a dominant role in our lives. Most of the things are being controlled and operated by computers.

The computer has made working very easy and effective in all the walks of life. Doctors and nurses use it to monitor patients and to assist in medical research. In business and industry, the computer helps us a lot to get information and to introduce new trends. It also helps us in the construction of bridges, roads and big buildings.

“It’s hardware that makes a machine fast.  It’s software that makes a fast machine slow.” — Craig Bruce

The computer is rendering a great service in the banking system. It has revolutionized the telecommunication system. Telephone, mobile, radio, fax machines televisions are fully computerized now-a-days. A computer can quickly process the results of scientific experiments and solve extremely difficult problems easily. It is being used to guide rockets, satellites, spaceships and air flights. It has a very vast memory. The knowledge of all the books of a library can be stored on a computer. It can keep a record of thousands of files which are available in a moment. A number of softwares are available in the market and we can use them according to our needs to make our tasks easy and quick

“To every disadvantage, there is a corresponding advantage.” — W. Clement Stone

In spite of countless blessings of a computer, there is also a dark aspect of its usage. It has mechanized our life too much. We depend on computers too much and use our minds very less. The use of the internet is becoming very popular. Mostly youngsters waste their time in chatting and bluffing the others. There are also a number of immoral and obscene sites which are explored by the youngsters. It causes a very bad impact on their innocent minds. Moreover, computers are also creating a problem of unemployment in developing countries.

The modern age definitely is the age of information technology. Knowledge is advancing at a fantastic pace. Every new step unveils new vistas. Computers are playing a vital role in our social and economic life by turning the world into a global village. Now, thousands of books are available on one screen. The right use of computer can lead us to progress and prosperity. The computer and put future are interrelated. The world will be an orphan without a computer.

                        “The new electronic interdependence recreates

                           The world in the image of a global village.”         (Marshall McLuhan).

Essay on Computer Advantages and Disadvantages for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

Mechanical computing devices date from the 17th century. Indeed Charles Babbage is credited with the invention of the computer. He named it the “Analytical Engine”. The first digital computer appeared in the USA in the 1940s. Since then generations have worked to reduce the size and increase the speed of the computer. Now it has proved to be the most amazing invention of the 20th century. Computer scan and handles data with wonderful accuracy. The computer can read information and store this information for later use. Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Monitor, Key Board, Mouse, CD ROM and Floppy Drive are the main components of a computer.

Advantages and Uses of Computer

The benefits of a computer are many. The notable features of Computer are speed and accuracy. Life has become speedy and quick in this modern age. Thus, the importance of computer has been recognized in all fields of life. In industry, it keeps the record of goods, cost and output. It also provides a great deal of help in engineering. It designs buildings of all kinds, gives information about the best material to be used, suggests ideal measures for its safety and gives accurate expenditures of its construction. In medicine, it assists to perform tests, diagnoses diseases and prescribes medicine. In space, sea and earth explorations, it has performed wonders. It collects information of various heavenly bodies, their properties, and atmospheric conditions. It tells us about the treasures hidden under the earth and in-depth of the sea. We control satellite, rockets, missiles, and spaces ships by computer. It is the best typewriter, with wondrous fonts and beautiful results. It also provides the recreation of all sorts. It plays with us, amuses us with different activities, and fun. In the field of education, it has performed wonders. It can collect information for us from the most remote parts of the world. It is through the computer that this world has become a global village. Through the internet, people can take orders for their products from all over the world. They can talk to their relatives and friends who are in other cities or other countries.

Disadvantages of Computer

Though the disadvantages of computers are equal to nought as compared with its uses, nevertheless, there are few physical and social problems associated with it. As far as physical harms of the computer are concerned, it causes stress and tension to the person who has to sit before it hours and hours together. Sometimes it weakens eyesight. It may cause a few social evils. On the internet, our youth can watch obscene movies and immoral pictures.

After analyzing computer from both the angles, it is easy to conclude that its uses are greater than its abuses. However, the evils of computers can be reduced to some extent by devising a code of ethics and awakening the sense of duty in our youth. Its physical evils can be controlled by certain exercises. To conclude, it may be said that the present age is the age of the computer. If we want to keep pace with the rest of the world, we will have to take adequate measures for the uplift of computer technology.

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