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Computer Science MCQs for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC and PMS


Computer Science MCQs for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC, OTS, PTS, PMS and other Competetive Exams

This post contains Computer Science MCQs for NTS, CSS, FPSC, OTS, PTS, PMS and other Competetive Exams. Not only these tests even you can prepare these Computer Science MCQs for PPSC for online preparation of Interview. These MCQs are taken from Caravan Comprehensive GK Book. For more MCQs of Computer Science, you can visit this.

Computer Science MCQs for PPSC and Interviews

Counting is starting from 71 of this post. Previous Set of MCQs is Here.

71. The famous Silicon Valley is situated in which state of USA?

(a) California
(b) New York
(c) Ohio
(d) New Jersy

(a) California

72. The first computer virus was created in the 1970s at ________.

(a) Bell Laboratories
(b) IBM
(c) AT and T Lab
(d) DEC

(a) Bell Laboratories

73. What is the name of the computer virus which affects computer programmes written in Java?

(a) Strange Brew
(b) Friday Virus
(c) Ping Pong
(d) Smart dog

(a) Strange Brew

74. Mostly Web address begins with “HTTP”. What do the letters stand for?

(a) Hyper Text Transfer Program
(b) High-level Text Transfer Program
(c) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(d) High-Level Text Transfer Protocol

(c) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

75. Microsoft launched which of its popular products in a submarine before a team of reporters?

(a) MS-DOS
(b) MS Office
(c) Windows 95
(d) Internet Explorer

(c) Windows 95

76. In 1980, IBM chose which company to provide the operating system for its upcoming PC?

(a) Microsoft
(b) Apple Computers
(c) Bell Labs
(d) Santa Cruz Operations

(a) Microsoft

77. Which company launched the geostationary communication satellite Telstra?

(a) Motorola
(b) AT and T
(c) NASA
(d) Sprint

(b) AT and T

78. In 1969, seven USA universities developed a decentralised network called Arpanet under Advanced Research Project. The network, designed to survive nuclear attack, led to the development of the Internet. Who funded Arpanet in 1969?

(a) NASA
(b) US Army
(c) IBM
(d) CIA

(a) NASA

79. Which famous computer company was born in a garage at 367, Addison Avenue?

(a) IBM
(b) DEC
(c) Hewlett Packard
(d) Compaq

(c) Hewlett Packard

80. When IBM announced an idea for a new kind of business software, he saw golden opportunity in it and borrowed the idea and turned it into a product before IBM did. Who is he?

(a) Larry Ellison
(b) Peter Norton
(c) Mike Wilson
(d) Bill Gates

(a) Larry Ellison

81. The term “cyberspace” refers to networked digital environments, especially advanced systems that produce an illusion of reality. Who coined this term?

(a) Thomas Watson
(b) BillGates
(c) William Gibson
(d) Steven Spielberg

(c) William Gibson

82. Which personal computer has been named after a popular variety of apples in USA?

(a) Compaq Presario
(b) Dell
(c) Vintron
(d) Macintosh

(d) Macintosh

83. A Terabyte represents about _________.

(a) 1 quadrillion bytes
(b) 1 trillion bytes
(c) 1 billion bytes
(d) 1 million bytes

(b) 1 trillion bytes

84. A Digitizer uses a mouse like copying device called_________.

(a) Puck
(b) Push
(c) P0p
(d) Paste

(a) Puck

85. A bit can be __________.

(a) 1 and 0
(b) 1 or 0
(c) 1 only
(d) 0 only

(b) 1 or 0

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