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1st Year English God’s Attributes Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing God’s Attributes Poem Notes PDF for the students of Class 11. This is the 16th poem from English Book 3 of 11th Class. The poem is a description of the height of delight. Internal happiness reflects through bearings and lends a unique colour and flavour to the things in the surroundings. These notes contain:-

11th English Poem 16 God’s Attributes By Jalaluddin Rumi Notes PDF Download

How to Download PDF Notes

If you are visiting this page I will assume that you want to download the 1st Year English God’s Attributes Poem Notes PDF or you want to read them online. Here on ilmihub, both options are available. You can read these notes online by going to separate notes pages, however, you can download them by clicking the Download PDF button. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for quality educational content.

PDF File Details

Notes : God’s Attributes Poem

Poem : 16

Poet : Jalaluddin Rumi 

Class : Intermediate Part 1

Book : English Textbook 3

Pages : 05

File Size : 01.08 MB

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