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1st Year English Leisure Poem Notes PDF for Class 11


In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year English Leisure Poem Notes PDF for the students of Class 11. This is the 11th poem in the first year english book 3. William Henry Davies is the poet of this beautiful poem. This is an ironical poem that shows modern man’s mechanized life. His inablity to have spare time deprives himof enjoying nature. He can’t enjoy nature due to his cares and worries. You will find the following notes in this PDF file:-

  1. Explanation of Stanzas
  2. Short Question Answers
  3. Solved MCQs & Synonyms
  4. Urdu Translation

1st Year English Poem 10 Leisure by William Henry Davies Complete Notes PDF Download

How to Download

If you are on this page, that means you need intermediate Part 1 of the English Leisure Poem Notes PDF. On the top of the post, I have shared the direct links to separate notes of this poem for those students who want to read it online. However, students who want to download these notes, need only to press the Download PDF Now button. You are suggested to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay connected and get updates.

PDF File Details

Notes : Leisure Poem

Poem : 11

Poet : William Henry Davies

Class : Intermediate Part 1

Book : English Textbook 3

Pages : 7

File Size : 01.21 MB

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