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What is Informal Letter? | How to Write Informal Letter?


What is Informal Letter and How to Write it?

This is a detailed post in which we will discuss, What is Informal Letter, Feature of Informal Letter and How to Write Informal letter. This is a non-official letter which you would write to your friend, teacher, a family member or a class fellow for a personal reason. Here are some Examples of Informal Letter for Class 8.

What is Informal Letter?

The informal letter means a letter which you write to your family or friends. This letter is a non-official letter in which you talk about your personal matters. So, we can say that an informal letter you would write to your family member a friend, a class fellow, a teacher or an acquaintance. However, you can write someone else as well to whom you don’t have any profession relation. People from different countries write informal letters in different ways but the main features of the informal letter are almost same with a little change and placement of words.

How to Write Informal Letter?

Informal Letter contains 5 Main Blocks/Parts/features as Following:

  • Sender’s Address Block
  • Date
  • Opening Salutation
  • The body of the Letter (Opening, Reason for writing, Closing)
  • Signature Block of the Sender

Senders Address Block

A good informal letter should include a return address to receive the reply to the letter. In some areas it is left-justified but the good practice is to justify it on the right side. See in the examples letter below.


1002 Poe Road
Charleston, SC 29405

Date Block

Right after the senders address you will write the date. For this, you can choose one from the following formats. For more see (F/B) in the image below.


2nd November 2018
02/11/18 or

Opening Salutation

This is opening of the letter and the first step is to address the reader of your letter. Mostly this portion of the letter starts from:

  • Dear Friend,
  • Dear Father,
  • Dear Mother,
  • Dear Brother,
  • Dear Sister,
  • Dear Uncle,
  • Dear Aunty,

But you can write the receivers name as well like Dear Aamir, Dear Umar etc. and close with a comma.  See in the example letter below.

Main Body of the Letter

Your actual letter starts here. If you are a student and attempting informal letter in exams the length of the letter will be defined already on the paper. The body of the letter goes left justified. This part of the letter contains 3 portions again.

  • Opening sentence or greetings
  • The main purpose of the Letter
  • The final paragraph or closing

Opening Sentence: This is the start of the letter and it shouldn’t be very stiff as you need to write in a formal letter. For practice here are some opening sentences.

  • How are you
  • Hope you are doing good
  • Hope you and family are happy and healthy
  • I received your letter yesterday and happy to know you are doing good
  • I received your letter a few days back, sorry for the late reply
  • How have you been?
  • How is life going on?

Main Purpose of the Letter: This letter portion can be short and lengthy too, depends on the purpose of writing. You will write this portion in a friendly way. Use of language depends on your relationship with the reader in real life. Here you will write the reason for writing in your own way. You can ask anything to the person you are writing to and also you can ask him to write back to you.

Closing: When you have elaborated the reason for your writing, you will turn to the closing block. This is the place you will say goodbye to the reader. Here are some examples of closing sentences:

  • I can’t wait to see you soon
  • Waiting for your reply eagerly
  • See you soon
  • Give my regards to
  • Pay my regards to
  • With best wishes


Because it is an informal letter to a person who knows you very well, you can write your first name only and this block is also left-justified. In this section, you are free to write anything of your choice. Here are some words which you can use under your signatures:

  • Yours sincerely,
  • Yours affectionately,
  • Lots of Love,
  • Well-Wisher,

Example of Informal Letter Writing

Examinations Hall,
City A.B.C.

Date: 12 September 2016

My dear Asif,

How has life been treating you, friend? I am writing this letter to remember you your promise to spend summer vacation together.

All the schools of the Punjab province have closed for summer vacation. Last year you promised to come to me during the summer vacation. It is not very hot in Rawalpindi during the summer. Its nights are pleasant. Please do come. We shall see the places worth seeing in Islamabad. The Faisal Mosque and National Assembly buildings are very charming. We shall also pay a visit to Murree. It is very cool in summer. We shall have some photographs as a token of our love and friendship.

With best regards.

Yours sincerely,

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