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Report Writing Example on Usage of Mobile Phones Among Students


Report Writing Example on Usage of Mobile Phones Among Students for BSC (P.U 2008 – 2010)

Here is a report on Usage of Mobile Phones Among Students for BSC Students. This is an important report writing example from the point of view of BSC Exams. Previously, 2 times this report was asked to be written in the exams of BSC Punjab University 2008 and 2010.

Report Writing Format on Usage of Mobile Phones Among Students

Date: June 20, 2010


The Editor,
The Dawn.

From: X.Y.Z. newspaper reporter.

Subject: Usage of mobile phones among students.



As a reporter of your newspaper, I have keenly observed a social evil which is harming the students greatly. This is the excessive use of mobile phone by the students. I have prepared a report against the curse of excessive use of mobile phone. I submit the report as under.

Mobile phones have become the need of everyone in the country. They are the quickest means of communication. They have reached almost every student. It is very sad that the students misuse them in their daily life. The harms of excessive use of mobile phones are listed below.


The students use mobile phones as a status symbol. Most of them have a craze to buy the very costly set. They go on changing them within a short span of time.


The students spend more time on mobile phones than on their books. Their brains and fingers are always active to have contact with their friends, relatives and other known faces. They continue to send messages to the known and unknown people day and night. they go to bed very late at night. The excessive use of telephone has made them discard their books. Due to mobile phones, students do not pay attention to their studies.


The male students have ample chances to make contacts with girl students. This has promoted in them an unusual awareness about love and sex matters. This too has ruined their habit of learning and pursuing serious studies.


The excessive use of phone has shattered their nervous system also. Its frequent users suffer from many nervous ailments. It produces a sort of uneasiness and discomfort in them. It affects their memory. It produces a condition of sleep sickness in them.


The following suggestions are given to discourage this practice.

  1. The media (both print and electronic) should highlight the evils of excessive use of mobile phone.
  2. The mobile companies should be forced by law not to grant cheap package to its users. The cheap night packages must be banned by the Government.


Reporter, (X.Y.Z)

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