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Report on Difficulties in Learning English


The Head of the English Department has asked a lecturer to write a report on the difficulties of students in learning English in Classes. Write that report posing as a lecturer. For BSC Students (P.U 1998)

Here is an English Report on Difficulties in Learning English for BSC Students. English report writing is a section in the examination paper for the class of BSC. However, it is selective. This report is important for the exams and previously it was in the Exams of Punjab University 1998. Report on Labour Problems of Workers is also available here.

English Report on Difficulties in Learning English for BSC and other Classes

Date: May 20, 2018


The Head of the English Department,
Govt. College Mianwali.

From: Lecturer in English.

Subject: Report on Difficulties in Learning English


Kindly refer to your letter No. 412 dated May 18, 2018, about the subject cited above. t have prepared a report and submit it as under.

Rural background:

I have interviewed and talked to a large number of students about the deficiency they suffer from in English. A discussion with them has revealed that they do not have a command over English due to their rural background. in the villages, there is no proper arrangement for learning of English. Most of the schools do not have trained teachers to teach the students. The students who belong to some village, have poor pronunciation, weak vocabulary and faulty knowledge of grammar۔

Overpacked sections:

The students fail to learn English in our college because the sections for English teaching are overcrowded. The Govt. has limited each section to fifty students, but in our college, each section consists of more than one hundred students. The overcrowding of sections affects the quality of teaching badly.

A difficult subject:

English being a foreign language is a difficult subject. The students do not test any attraction to learn it. it is a common fact that the students fail to understand a subject which is not interesting to them.

Teachers are not hardworking:

The students complain that the English teachers of our college are not very hardworking. They are not professionally trained and skilful. They do not write on the blackboard. They do not check the notebooks of the students. They do not make them read the prescribed text in the class. The result is that the students do not develop writing power and remain weak in writing correct spellings. The teaching of grammar is always verbal. If rules of grammar are written on the blackboard, the students may have a better idea of English grammar.


The following suggestions are submitted to improve the learning of English:

  1. The sections for the teaching of English Should be limited to a sizeable number of boys.
  2. The teachers must be urged to check the notebooks of the students.
  3. They must be directed to write on blackboards.

Signed (X.Y.Z)


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