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Report Writing on Neglected Graveyards of the City to Mayor


Report on Neglected Graveyards of the City to Mayor for BSC Students

In this post, you will get an Example of report writing on Neglected graveyards of the city. This report on neglected graveyards is for BSC students in which a responsible citizen submits his report to Mayor Municipal Corporation of the city on the condition of graveyards.

Write a report to the Mayor Municipal Corporation X.Y.Z City about the neglected graveyards of the city, from a responsible citizen of that city.

 Date: August 19, 2010


The Mayor,
Municipal Corporation,
X.Y.Z City

 From: responsible Citizen of X.Y.Z City

 Subject: Report on neglected graveyards of the city



As a taxpayer and responsible citizen of the city X.Y.Z, I happened to visit many graveyards of the city and found that they offered a deserted and gloomy picture. I have prepared a report about the bad condition of the graveyards. So that proper steps may be taken to improve the situation.

Central Graveyard of the city:

 This graveyard of the city is situated in the heart of the city. It is a very old graveyard. It is a very big and vast. It consists of many acres of land. I paid a visit to it and found that it was not properly maintained. The boundary wall did not exist at all. The graves of our ancestors had either been washed away by the rains or demolished by the grave-diggers.

 Animals like dogs, cats and rates have made it their dwelling place. The cattle pass through it without any hindrance. The grave-diggers charge very high for digging a grave. The graveyard has become a den for criminals, gamblers and drunkards. In the evening, people of doubtful character assemble there and indulge in objectionable activities.

 Garden Town Graveyard:

 This is a small graveyard and is housed in a small patch of land. It too offers a dismal picture. The graveyard does not have tree plantation. It lacks a mosque for saying prayers. The facility of water is also far from satisfactory. In case of rain or severe sunshine, it does not have any place of protection. The grave-diggers are not easily available. It is without electricity. At night, the graveyard is plugged into complete darkness. The burials take place in the dim light of lanterns.


 It is concluded that the graveyards of the city are badly neglected and offer a wild picture.


  •  It is suggested that a body consisting of responsible citizens and councillors should be set up, who may suggest ways and means to improve the condition of the graves.
  • At the same, the body should be made responsible to supervise and check the condition of the graveyard.
  • More graveyards should be established in different parts of the city


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