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Report Writing Example on Road Accidents by a Police Inspector


Sample of Report Writing on Road Accidents for Students

Are you looking for a Sample of Report Writing on Road Accidents? Here is a report writing Example for the students of Class 12 and Graduation, who are looking for a report on Traffic Accidents by a Police Inspector to SSP of your city. This is a report example only and only for practice. Later, you can write the same report in your own words. For more reports visit Report Writing Examples.

Report on Road Accident by a Police Inspector to SSP

Dated: July 19, 2010


Senior Superintendent of Police,
X.Y.Z. City.

From: Police Inspector A.B.C.

Subject: Traffic Accidents in the city



Kindly refer to your letter No.438 dated 1st July 2010 on the subjects cited above. I have prepared a report about the recent traffic accidents which took place in the month of June.

On the receipt of your orders, I visited the different places of accidents and found the following:

  1. A rickshaw collided with a bus on June 20, 2010, at the corner of G.T.S stop. The bus was coming at full speed.The corner had a great crowd of people there. In the accident, the three fares sitting in the rickshaw were killed on the spot. The bus driver was arrested, duly challaned and set to prison on the charge of killing innocent people.
  2. Another very serious accident took place near the Civil Hospital Chowk. A private Toyota car No.SGD 4398 ran over a cyclist. The cyclist was crushed to death. On enquiry, it was found that the brakes of the car failed. The car needed repair but the owner of the car did not worry about it.
  3. Another serious accident took place recently near the Govt. College Stop. A fast bus coming from Jhang ran over the college boys, who were waiting for the college bus. In that accident, many students were injured but two of them were killed on the spot.


In most of the accidents, it was seen that fast speed was the cause of accidents. Most of the roads of the city are narrow and are in a bad condition. The flow of traffic is jammed by slow-moving vehicles. The bus drivers run their buses carelessly and do not give any importance to the life of the innocent citizens.


It is suggested that the licence of the drivers who run their buses beyond the fixed rate of speed should be cancelled to set an example for other drivers.

  1. The roads of the city should be widened and repaired.
  2. Old vehicles should be withdrawn from all the city routes.
  3. Show moving vehicles should be discouraged.


A.B.C ( Police Inspector)

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