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Report Writing Example on Food Crisis in our Country as a Social Worker

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Report Writing Example on Food Crisis in our Country as a Reporter for BSC

Here is a Report Writing Example on Food Crisis in our Country as a Reporter for BSC students. You will write this report to the Editor of a newspaper telling him about the condition of the food crisis in our country. This is an example, you can use your own words as per this Report Writing Pattern.

Write a report to the editor of the newspaper as a Social Worker Telling him about the food crisis in the country

Dated: May 8, 2010


The Editor,
The Dawn.

From: A Social Worker.

Subject: Report on Food Crisis in Pakistan



Our country is suffering from a very serious problem. It is related to the food shortage in the country. The country is going to be afflicted with a famine. The provisions of daily use are short and also very costly in the country. This has made everybody unhappy, worried and cheerless in the country. I have prepared a report about the shortage of food. I submit it as under.

Agriculture country:

Our country is an agriculture country. Most of its population lives in villages and is engaged in the work of cultivation. Our farmers are devoted to the production of food and other agricultural products. Our irrigation system is claimed to be the best in the world. But unfortunately, the country is suffering from the shortage of food. The following factors are responsible for it.

  1. Cultivation of land is done by old methods. The modern machinery used for the increase in growth is not available to the farmers.
  2. Water-logging, salinity and soil erosion is responsible for the low yield of crops.
  3. Big landlords are setting up the industry, instead of paying attention to farms. Lacs of acres of land lies wasted and uncultivated.
  4. Black marketing and hoarding of crops are responsible for the food shortage.
  5. The average farmer, being uneducated does not adopt the modern methods of marketing.
  6. The government has failed to keep an eye on the criminal activities of smugglers and hoarders of food.


The following measures should be adopted to overcome the crisis.

  • The Government should once crush the smugglers and hoarders of food.
  • The farmers should be trained to use modern methods of cultivation.
  • Water shortage must be overcome.

A.B.C (Social Worker)

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