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Report Writing about the Law and Order Situation of the City for BSC


Write a report from a citizen to the SSP Police about the Law and Order Situation of your city. (V.IMP)

If you are looking for report writing format or English Report Examples then this post contains an example of a report from a citizen to the SSP Police about the Law and Order Situation of your city. You can see the format and can practice with your own vocabulary. Important for BSC students. For more reports Go Here.

Report Writing Example from a Citizen to SSP Police about Law and Order Situation of Your City.

Date: May 15, 2010


The Senior Superintendent of Police,
A.B.C City.

From: X.Y.Z a resident of A.B.C city.

Subject: Law and Order situation in the A.B.C City



The law and order situation in the city A.B.C has worsened for the last month. A large number of thefts have been committed in every part of the city. The shops and banks have been looted. The dacoits enter any house during day or night. They lock up the inmates of the house in a room and plunder and loot everything. As a responsible citizen of the city, I have prepared a report regarding the law and order situation of the city for your kind consideration:


  1. On the 15th April 2010, two banks Habib Bank City Branch and Allied Bank Circular Road Branch were looted by three armed dacoits. They looted money worth 5 million rupees from both these banks. They injured the guard of Habib Bank and killed the guard of Allied Bank on the spot.
  2. On 16th April 2010, four armed dacoits entered into the house of Lady doctor Mrs. Anis and murdered her children and her husband mercilessly. It was a brutish act in a civilized society. Nobody can defend it. No clue to the dacoits has been found before so far.
  3. On 18th April 2010, a school teacher Miss Neelam was being deprived of her purse which contained gold and other valuable things, by two motorcyclists while she was coming back to her home from her school duty.
  4. On 20th April 2010, a clash between two rival parties took place on a minor issue. Two persons were killed and many sustained injuries.
  5. On 21st April 2010, a group of armed persons deprived a merchant Bashir of his new car, Toyota 2000 Model at gunpoint.
  6. On 23rd April 2010, two jewellery shops were looted by the armed dacoits at mid-day. The owner of the shop Mr Aleem, a young man of 28 years, was killed on the spot. He was newly married. No dacoit has been arrested.
  7. On 25th April 2010, a serious clash took place between two rival religious groups in Mohalla C.D.E in which more than five people were killed and many were injured.

I also found that the mobile police did not patrol at night. The police did not discharge their duties efficiently.


  • It is suggested that the number of policemen on duty should be increased.
  • The mobile police should be made active.
  • The inefficient police officials should be taken to task.
  • Religious tension between different groups should be lessened through negotiation.


X.Y.Z Citizen

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