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Report on Petrol Price Hike by a Reporter to Editor of Newspaper


Write a report on petrol price hike and its effect on the general public as a Reporter to Your editor for BSC Students. P.U. 2000

Here is an English Report Writing Example as a Report on Petrol Price Hike. You will write this report to the editor of newspaper “Dawn” as a reporter. In this report, you will write about the increased prices of petrol and its effect on the life of a common man. You will end this report with suggestions.

English Report on Petrol Price Hike and its effect on the General Public for BSC Students

Date: June 18, 2010


The Editor,
The Dawn,

From: Reporter, The Dawn

Subject: Petrol Price Hike



As a reporter for your newspaper, I have prepared a report regarding price hike of petrol and petroleum products. I want to highlight the hardships and difficulties. Which the consumers of petrol face nowadays.

Rise in petrol price:

Petrol and its products are being marketed to the consumers at very high rates. The woes of petrol diesel and kerosene oil are increased after a month or so. The result is that petrol and other petroleum products have gone beyond the reach of a common man. Their prices are sky-rocketing.

Disturbance to the economy:

The economy of Pakistan is already in a shambles. A large number of people are already living below the line of poverty. The unemployment rate is high in every village, town and city of the country. An average person’s income is less than two dollars daily. Only four to five percent of our population live a comfortable and luxurious life. When there is an increase in petrol prices, there is an increase in the poverty and hunger of a poor person. His budget is badly disturbed. He is becoming poorer day by day. The practice of raising the petrol prices has widened the gap between the rich and the poor.

Increase in inflation rate:

It has been seen that the increase in petrol price increases the inflation rate. The travelling fares increase at once. Electricity goes high. The industrial products are also marketed at increased rates. There is also an increase in the daily provisions of life. A Poor person is simply crushed economically.


    1. It is suggested that the petroleum companies must be directed to stop increasing the price of petrol and other products.
    2. The Petroleum Ministry should work for digging new “oil wells“ for more production of petrol.
    3. The Govt. should keep an eye on the exploitation of Petroleum companies.

X.Y.Z (Reporter Dawn News)

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