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English Report on Survey of Sunday Bazaar


Make a report based on your survey of Sunday Bazaar, held in your locality to the Mayor of your city for BSC Students. (P.U 2000)

Here is a report on Report on Survey of Sunday Bazaar for the students of BSC and other classes. This is an important English Report Writing Example for the students and previously it was in the exams of Punjab University Year 2000. There are some other reports related to this topic are also available here. For example, you can check Difficulties in Learning English Report.

Report on Survey of Sunday Bazaar for BSC and other Classes

Date: May 17, 2018


The Mayor,
Municipal Corporation,

From: Inspector Marketing.

Subject: Survey of a Sunday Bazaar



Kindly refer to your letter No. 1015 dated May 15, 2018, about the subject cited above. I have prepared a report and submit it as under.

Visit to Sunda Bazaar:

As soon as I received your orders, I visited the Sunday Bazaar held at the main crossing of Garden Town. The Bazaar offered a sight of great activity. There were temporary booths for the use of daily provisions of life. The booths of fruit, vegetables meat and grocery were the main sight of activity. Each booth was covered with shamiana. This Bazaar was held by the Government to sell various provisions of daily used at cheap rates.

Quality of things sold in the bazaar:

I surveyed the bazaar and found that the fruit and vegetables marketed in the bazaar were of poor quality. They were neither fresh nor very cheap. They were sold slightly at a lower rate than that of a competitive market. The beef and mutton booths were not covered. Flies and dust had settled on the meat. The dirty and unhealthy meat was bought by a large number of customers.

Poor arrangement:

The Sunday bazaar did not have any security arrangement. Only one or two police constables were seen in the campus. The young street urchins teased and harassed the women customers. The crowd in the bazaar was disorderly. The dusty and polluted atmosphere was sickly and nauseating.

Complaints of the people:

I interviewed many customers and found that they were not happy with the quality of the bazaar. They complained against high rates of different things and their poor quality. Moreover, they were not satisfied with the performance of the administration.


  1. It is suggested that the Sunday bazaar of Garden Town should be really made useful for the people.
  2. The shopkeepers and vendors must be fined if they sell their articles at higher rates.
  3. The magistrate on duty must take stock of the quality of different edibles and punish the defaulter.


The A.B.C

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