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About My Friend Essay in English for Class 12 – FSC 2nd Year

This post contains My Best Friend Essay in English with Quotations for students of FSC 2nd Year. I have taken this Essay on My Best Friend in English from Kips Notes. This is the most important essay for the students of Class 10, Class 12 and graduation. Students of FSC part 2 write English essays as a part of their annual English Paper. A good essay can arrange good numbers in their paper and can help to improve their position in the result. You should also visit Essays with Quotations for Class 12.

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Essay on My Best Friend With Quotations in English 500+ Words

In our lives, we come across many people. We see new faces every day. Friends come and go throughout our life. People today have become so selfish that it becomes difficult to regard anybody as your best friend. People whom you regard as your best friends often prove otherwise.

Friends are like melons
Shall I tell you why?
To find one good,
You must a hundred try.”

(Claude Mermet)

To have a good friend is worth a million rupee, even more. A friend who can guide you in the dark shadows of life is needed in every phase of life.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” (Thomas Aquinas)

I have several friends at my college. Some are my college fellows and some are my classmates. But the best among them is Ahmad and he is my class fellow. Ahmad comes from a very respectable family. He is of my age but is a bit taller than I. He has a very fair complexion, curly hair, milky teeth and pair of beautiful eyes. What more endears him to me is that he enjoys very good health too. He has a very cheerful nature. I never found him rough and rude. His face is always smiling. Even if anybody abuses him, he never loses his temper. From his appearance and his behaviour, it appears as if he were a saint.

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” (Henry Ford)

From our habits, we are hardly distinguishable. In studies, as in the games, he is above the average. He has a great aptitude for reading. So there’s a sense of purpose and seriousness in his character. It is not to say that he is a philosopher. He is a great humorist as well. He makes and takes good jokes. Whenever I am with him, I always laugh my head off. Sometimes he makes the whole class laugh by putting the laughable questions to the teachers, and by giving still more funny answers to their questions.

Ahmad is very neat clean and choosy in his dress. He likes to wear light colours. His dress gives him a respectable look. It shows he is not foppish at all, you never find an ink or dirt spot on his shirt. In the hostel, we are room-mates. At college he sits beside me on the desk. We remain together for most part of the day. We study together as Aristotle says,

“A true friend is one soul in two bodies.”

He has been with me for four years. Other boys feel envious about our friendship, but we never mind it. Ahmad is also very good at his lessons. He never neglects his studies. He never gives the teacher a chance to complain. In the last examination, he stood first in class. Although he is weak in some topics but he tries his best to make up his weakness. His father can well keep a coach for him but he likes to be on his footings. Ahmad always lives up to his motto “simple in virtue and steadfast in duty.” He does ear to other people’s problems. He is a kind and generous friend. Whenever I am hard up, he helps me even by cutting his own expenses.

It is said “prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them” and like Shakespeare “I am wealthy with my friend.” I remember how he sat by my side for 3 days when I was taken ill. I will never forget how he always defends me and stands side by side through every thick and thin. My friend is smart, active and honest. He is loved by the teachers and respected by all his fellows. He never wastes his time. All his qualities attract me and I can not find such a friend like him.

It is a beautiful sensation that someone understands you and be grateful to you as you are. I consider him the most precious jewel of my life. I hope he will remain in my life. In form of a true friend who loves, helps and sacrifices his interests without expecting anything in return. May our friendship abide forever!

“Choices define who we are, and Choices make friends.”

Short Essay on My Best friend for School Students – 200+ Words

There is mentioned no class in the essay picture but students of Class 3,4,5,6,7,8 and Class 9, 10 can write the same essay just by changing the class in it.

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